Preparing your Marketing for Christmas 2020

Here are some Marketing tips to help you get ready for Christmas 2020!

Preparing your Marketing for Christmas 2020

Update your information

Social media has become a main point of call for people to find information about businesses, most importantly opening times. The Christmas period brings a change from the norm, with many businesses having different opening and closing times during the Festive season.

Make sure that only the Christmas opening times are displayed clearly on your company website’s “About” and “Contact” pages. Due to limited space on Twitter and Instagram bios, it may be worth adding or changing the links to lead to a specific blog post showing the hours for the Festive opening hours. A clear URL should be used to make it obvious for customers, an example: ‘’.

To make sure this information isn’t missed, you could go as far as sharing posts across all platforms with the hours on as well.

Implementing Real-Time

Social media and social networking have added features where short real-time interactive videos or photos can be uploaded and viewed for upto 24 hours, until they disappear. Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram all have their own variations of a “Stories” feature on their respective platforms. Having the content available for only a limited time period allows for the videos or photos to feel current and immersive, allowing for customers, consumers and followers to feel they’re up-to-date in near real-time with the company or brand.

Companies are able to use this feature to give their viewers a look into what the company is doing for the Festive Season. From showing off decorations, special dishes that are being created for Christmas Menus or perhaps even products that are being released exclusively for only the Christmas period. By doing this, it will allow followers, consumers and customers to become enveloped in the magic of the Festive Period and be more-engaged and build anticipation for the run-up to Christmas!


Providing competitions can generate a vast amount of interest and engagement on a variety of social media platforms. This could even attract consumers and followers whose sole purpose is to just join the competition, this still allows for turning social media posts into word-of-mouth which in-turn allows for even more engagement overall. As a result, it is definitely worth considering running multiple competitions throughout the Christmas season.

One variation would be to have a Caption Competition, this is a quick and easy way to engage with followers. A Company or Brand would upload a photo to their various social media feeds and the best caption for the photo would have the winning-follower claim a prize. An alternative idea to expand on this in order to encourage even more engagement would be to run a “12 Days of Christmas” Caption Competition.

Another idea would be to host a longer Advent Calendar Competition. For each day a Prize is announced, offering various incentives such as voucher codes, which can gradually be scaled up to larger prizes such as a high-value item or even a luxury Spa experience or All-expenses-paid Holiday for two.


Here are just a few ways to incentivise and engage with consumers, customers and followers in the run-up to Christmas 2020. If you’d like to encourage and gain more traction in your social media following, these are some great ways to interact with others in order to get everyone involved with the Christmas period!