Prepare your PPC marketing strategy for Christmas

Preparing Your PPC Marketing For Christmas

Any digital marketer knows the pain and suffering that goes into planning a jolly digital marketing campaign in time for the festive season. Everything from web content to social media, Google Ads to emails – no stone is left unturned for the year’s big marketing finale. 

In this blog, I’ll be discussing some points on how to prepare your PPC marketing strategy in time for Christmas.


The first thing we need to think about is the schedule for the campaign. Some businesses have very traditional and short-lived Christmas deals & sales. Other businesses offer discounts from as early as November all the way up to January! It’s important to understand how long you are planning to run your Christmas promotions so you can plan your campaign’s schedule options.

Once you know how long your Christmas offers are lasting, it’s time to decide how long you want to run your PPC campaign for. Are you planning to run adverts throughout your entire Christmas sales, or at specific points?


The second thing we have to think about is the budget for your PPC campaign. Following on from the campaign duration, the budget will be heavily impacted by how long you are planning to run adverts for. If you want your PPC ads to run from November – January, you’re going to be planning for a big budget. On the other hand, if you want to restrict your campaign to weekends, you’ll have a smaller budget.

It’s important to plan your budget correctly to ensure your adverts are not inadvertently stopped or face limited visibility.


Christmas offers are a great time to bring out the remarketing list. Whether your prospect didn’t convert due to the costs, confusing checkout process or any other reason, giving someone a discounted price on a product they have already shown interest in is a sure-fire way to convince them to try again! 

Remarketing allows you to put your adverts in front of people that have already viewed your products – so not only have they already shown they are interested in the type of product you are offering, they have shown they are interested specifically in you and your products. By letting them know that you are offering Christmas sales and discounts, you can just sit back, relax and watch your return on investment skyrocket!


Finally, we have to come up with the new advert copy. It’s important to showcase your discounts and offers from the get-go – after all, that’s the main selling point of any festive marketing. Your copy should also be festive-focused to reflect the nature of the event. Here are some great examples of ad copy for Christmas marketing.