How to ensure your press release is successful.

To succeed as a starting venture, your brand needs to have some press coverage which is beneficial in increasing the awareness of the brand as well as complementing the efforts of your public relation strategies. Unfortunately, Press Release Agency Warrington revealed that press coverage rarely comes organically and need the business to work for it to enjoy the benefits. Writing Press Releases (PR) can be beneficial for the venture, however, you will need to effectively distribute this written piece and ensure it is accessible to all your target audience to get the desired benefits. Essentially distribution involves the circulation of the PR the various members of the press and possibly get publication on media platforms i.e. Newspapers, news bulletins, etc. which consequently widens your audience reachability. Various ways through which you can make your PR stand out from those of other competing brands involves steps such as;

Targeting journalists who may have an interest in your PR.

Anytime we have some news to share, we all are usually tempted to tell as many people as we can. However, according to Press Release Agency Warrington, this may not always be the best course of action considering not everyone will be interested in the stories you want to share. You will have to narrow down the individuals who you will send your pitches to journalists who write about your specific subject matter to increase chances of success considering their audience are within the industry which you deal in as well.

Getting the contact details of these interested journalists.

After you have determined several journalists that may be interested in your PR, you are then required to get their various contact which you can reach them on. Press Release Agency Warrington disclosed that it may not be easy to get their details and would require some digging, however, about 46% of all journalists are ok with getting pitches via twitter and it would be an ideal platform to contact them on other than their emails.

Come up with a good pitch.

Press Release Agency Warrington found out that most journalists get up to 200 pitches daily which may easily lead to a PR being overlooked if it’s not interesting enough. You should have a catchy and interesting introduction followed by an informative first paragraph which details the important message instead of beating around the bush only to come and write the crucial parts in the last paragraph. This may lead to loss of interest midway and disregarding of your PR.

Send the pitch at a convenient time.

Blue Whale Media, an experienced organisation in SEO, digital marketing and other related areas disclosed that there are specific days and times which sending your pitch will yield more success than others. Research has proven 61% of journalists preferred receiving these pitches in the morning, however, considering they receive a lot of mails during this time Press Release Agency Warrington recommends waiting an hour or so and sending in the mid-morning to increase your chances of success. the day of the week is also important to consider with midweeks being more preferable to Monday mornings.


PR distribution is a crucial part of the strategy without which Press Release Agency Warrington believes no results will be seen. Writers should come up with interesting and highly informative content which make it easy for adoption by various journalist and ensure they stand out from the many other PRs to prevent them from being disregarded as not useful. Contact us today for professional tips on PR writing services, distribution and other digital marketing strategies that would ensure your business stands out from other competing brands and gets all the benefits PR has to offer.