When Press Releases DO Help Your Marketing

If you have a marketing strategy then you’ve probably come across Press Releases before. If you haven’t then the main point of a press release is to give an official statement to a form of print marketing which focuses on a specific topic. This usually relates to your company and can be a news update, top tips, charity work or an offer. Press releases can produce many benefits that are valuable to a business as they allow you to share a message with a wider audience in addition to your target audience that you already have.


Probably one of the biggest benefits to press releases is the opportunity to include links in your articles. Even though a press release doesn’t necessarily help with SEO, it can provide a wide coverage of people which will then impact your SEO. When writing your press release, you need to make sure you are including keywords that you want to be shown for in the search engines. You can also include helpful links for readers that will again help with your SEO marketing.

Wider Audience

When you send out a press release to an outbound company, the realisation will hit you that you will be reaching a wider target audience. This time, your marketing isn’t just being published on your channels but it will be published to people who may not have even heard of your brand before. This is so important as it can open the gateway to an audience that you might have not been able to reach before. However, when publishing a press release, it’s important not to get too carried away and send it to anyone and everyone. You want your press release to be relatable to the new readers which is why the company publishing your article should have something in common with your target audience and their audience.

Connect with different companies

Another benefit to press releases is the ability to communicate with other companies. You will sometimes be dealing with publishers or journalists who want to publish your press release and this is just the start of widening your contacts. If they are interested in publishing your article then they obviously have some interest in your brand and the services you offer. When sending across your press release, you might want to start a conversation with them about other opportunities for you both to work together. They might introduce you to new clients or might suggest business events that would benefit your company. They may even suggest a new way to go with your press releases that can give a different outlook on your content.

Control Message

When creating a press release, something that you’ll enjoy is the amount of freedom you have. Remember this is your press release so you can decide things like how long or short it will be, what information is most important, who will provide the quotes from the business and potentially the deals you can include for the readers to use. When writing the information, you can portray the written message instead of someone else speaking for you. This will seem more unique and personal to your brand which will be beneficial to potential customers when reading your article. Since you get to control the information, you’ll feel more comfortable that your business is being portrayed in the right way.

How To Start

Starting to produce press releases can be quite difficult as you might not know where to start or who to contact but it could be really beneficial to your company. A good idea is to contact someone who knows how to get in contact with the right people. Maybe try a marketing agency local to you or if you are part of a chamber then this might be a good start. Here at Blue Whale Media, we have our own contacts but we also use the magazines of the chambers we are apart of including St Helens Chamber & Warrington Chamber. Did you know, our expert content team can also write your press releases for you? Check out our press release service page for more information.