The Problems With DIY Site Builders

Do it yourself website builders (Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and the like) abound the digital world. They are presented as Godsend to small businesses in getting your business online quickly and economically. But why does our Warrington website design team find a problem?

They seem to offer a wonderful deal for small business owners just starting out. However, what are the hidden costs (read problems) with these DIY site builders that can cause trouble for your business?

Here, our Warrington website design team explores the problems with DIY site builders.

Similar Looking Websites

All DIY website builders offer ready-to-use templates containing page layouts, colour schemes, icons, fonts as well as images. With a limited number of templates and a huge base of subscribers, it’s highly likely that the templates will be repeated.

If your website looks just like countless other websites, it won’t help your brand stand out and impress. It will end up hurting your brand image.

On the other hand, a Warrington website design agency can create a bespoke website to suit your business needs and your target audience.

The DIY Trouble

The DIY website builders are marketed as the ultimate DIY web design solution. However, one person cannot be a business owner, website designer and a marketer, all at the same time.

Warrington website design agencies exist for a reason. They have expertise in what they do, are backed by years of experience, and a professional team of designers to execute every web design project.

As a small business owner, wouldn’t you rather spend your time managing the core functions of your business instead of figuring out the basics of website design?

By hiring a Warrington website design, you can be sure of a professional website without affecting the core functions of your business.


Website building sites are essentially renting space. Of course, you are free to add content, images and other media files, and choose a template of your choice. However, do you own the template or the framework on which your website sits?

If the service goes out of business for some reason, your website will vanish from the web world overnight. If there’s a dispute between you and your DIY site builder, they can take your website down. Moreover, you have given them free reign to advertise their business on your website.

Once your Warrington website design agency builds your website, the ownership to the website is handed over to you. The website sits on your choice of host and you own the website template. Even if you no longer work with the Warrington website design agency, the website will live on independently, perhaps with the help of another designer.

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