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Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of a business; at Blue Whale Media, we create strategic brand propositions that work with your audience and maintain continuity when representing business goals and ambitions. With innovative ideas, we can bring brands to life at the start of each project, from a branded colour scheme, to brand guidelines and a new logo. The tangible cues we use to build a brand include colour, typography, graphics, photography, illustration and design. All of which will be maintained throughout the whole project with the end goal of boosting your brand identity and creating cohesion across platforms.

We ask clients the right questions to ensure the ideas for each brand are visualised; we ensure to communicate the brand’s message through every channel. We also look at the competitors within each industry or sector; the brand we create for your business will be at the heart of the process; it will inspire and inform every aspect of your brand, ensuring your message is portrayed perfectly. In the digital world, brands need to have a presence across multiple digital platforms, including marketing communication channels. By developing a vision of where a brand will go and what goals they want to achieve, we can help them get there with authentic and meaningful branding.

Step 2


Our creative team will conduct brainstorming meetings which will help us to develop further understanding of your brand, which will include your tone of voice, mission statement and values. This allows us to establish where your business or brand sits within the market; we then analyse your competitors and other brands leading the industry. At Blue Whale Media, we will hold a meeting with each client to understand their desired outcome or goal for the project, whether that is more sales, increased brand awareness or even more website traffic. We can also uncover insights and trends in the industry that helps us to create the right brand positioning; they can also help brands move forward with a newer and more inclusive narrative or message.

All of the information gathered within the brainstorming stage is used to help build a foundation for brand guidelines and a strategy that we can use within the design and development stage of your project. This information helps us to create bespoke branding which has the best chance of succeeding in competitive markets; it helps us to understand how we can market your product or service. It will also give us an idea of your audience’s habits when looking for services or shopping for products, how they interact online with the brands they like and what deters them from purchasing a service or product.

Step 3

Brand Strategy

Within our process, the brand strategy stage is where we dive deeper into your business, to understand the potential your brand can achieve and explore further possibilities of how you can succeed. Creating a brand strategy allows us to convey your brand to your audiences in a professional but authentic way, improving the overall identity and creating a compelling position for the brand. The strategy is the foundation of all branding and design work; it will include building up a reputation for your brand that you can then develop further. The creativity we use throughout our brand strategy helps our design team develop your brand into a strategy that delivers powerful results across relevant channels. At Blue Whale Media, our branding and design team can help refresh your brand by elevating the status of your brand, incorporating the colour scheme, fonts and images cohesively across multiple platforms. These are the things that make your brand unique in a busy market; they will directly connect with your audience and their behaviours, all based on the research we conducted to differentiate your brand. The strategy will clarify your brand’s purpose, communicating your values, mission and overall personality to potential customers.

Step 4

Perfect Design

Our creative team specialise in unique website designs using today’s modern methods. We specialise in highly custom designs which allow our clients to create the exact website they want. At Blue Whale Media, we do not use a template to create clients’ websites; all designs are created in PDF format with our graphic design team first. Our goal is to create a customer journey that builds brand awareness and converts viewers into buying customers, whether for a service or a product. We use the branding guidelines that have been created throughout the website design; this is to create cohesion throughout multiple aspects; ultimately, this is what your customers or clients see first, providing a professional reputation for your brand. We construct the designs based on site maps tailored to your audience and how they will interact with your brand, ensuring we create the best user experience possible. A well-designed website will give you that competitive edge and will provide your potential client with the information they need to make an informed enquiry. We use a variety of web design platforms to enable us to choose the platform that suits your design needs, but more about that later.

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Years of success

It all began back in July 2011 as a tiny start-up company with just two employees. Blue Whale Media is now a successful digital marketing agency with multiple different sectors and a team of highly skilled employees. Here’s to many more years of Blue Whale Media!


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Our team works tirelessly to collaborate on many projects: from branding and website design to social media. We work together to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their projects.


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Our number one priority here at Blue Whale Media is to ensure our clients love their websites as much as we love working on them! Our friendly and helpful staff are here to support you in every way we can to make sure our clients are more than happy.


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We design a multitude of different elements from business cards to packaging however, website design is our passion! All our websites are bespoke builds, not templated, to ensure that they meet your business needs.