What’s the best type of promo video for your business?

What’s the best type of promo video for your business?

Videography content has been growing in popularity on websites and especially through social media. When you’re scrolling through you’ll have noticed that video is everywhere – facebook reported that consumers are watching 100 million hours of video on their platform every day.

What happens if you need to promote your business in a way that is useful and engaging? Well, why not use a promotional video? They are short, engaging pieces of videography that explain what you do at your business in a simple way.

Promo videos

Promo videos are specifically designed for your audience to be engaged and watch it all the way through. People will often prefer to watch an engaging and straight forward video to learn about a particular topic rather than read a thousand words of complex information.

Promo videography can help attract new visitors by building brand awareness online as well as engaging current and recurring visitors by drawing them back in. Customers prefer watching videos from brands they follow, as it makes information easy to digest and remember.

Types of promo videography

At Blue Whale Media, our videography team knows that motion and visuals add a touch of magic to any website. Our skilled videography team creates a lot of promo videos; they are one of the most useful marketing tools. Here are the types of videography that can be useful for brand promotion:

  • Drone footage
  • Explainer videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Q&A videos
  • Product showcasing
  • Training
  • Events

Why are Promo videos used?

Promo videos are used because of their storytelling method; if they are high in quality, then they can be very engaging and powerful for your audience. They can explain any kind of business idea but they can do in 90 seconds or less. Creating promo videography is the best thing you can do if you need to communicate a lot of complex information to your audience. They also get shared a lot, it’s content but created with a very high shareability rate. Lots of businesses create videos because people love to share interesting information with their peers that they’ve seen online or on social media.

Brand awareness

Promo videography can help to build brand awareness; your audience will know who is behind the video because it will be customized to fit perfectly with the rest of your brand’s communication.

A customized and branded video will fit well with the rest of your content on your website; you can tailor it to your brand by adding your own colour scheme and logo, so your visitors will know it’s you.

How to create an effective Promo video?

Every famous movie has a story that follows the classic script structure – beginning, middle and end. Why not try this in your video? It will give you a structure and plan to work on.

  1. Divide your script into “what,” “how,” and “why.” This ensures you have a clear and concise beginning to your video.
  2. Create a narrative of “how,” how can what you’re promoting help your audience? Make sure you know who you’re reaching out to in your video.
  3. Ask yourself “why,” why should your audience choose you? End the video with a strong reason why?
  4. Finally, keep each video short and sweet; a good rule of thumb is to make each video no longer than two minutes.

Promo videography is constantly growing and so are the ways in which people share those videos. Fortunately, there’s still room for growth as Facebook recently reported that 1.5 million small to medium-sized businesses shared videos on their platform. However, that is only a fraction of the 40 million small businesses that have pages on Facebook.

Now is the perfect time to get started with promo videography if you want to stand out from your competitors.