The pros and cons of using WordPress for a business website

Pros & Cons of Using WordPress For Your Business Website

WordPress has successfully made a mark for itself in today’s digital era and business industry. You may not know this, but over 34% of the sites available on the internet today are powered by WordPress. So, if you ever wish to build a website, then we would obviously suggest WordPress. But just like every other platform, it has its highlights and lowlights. So, our own experts for WordPress web design in Manchester have come up with a list of the pros and cons of using WordPress for a business website:

Pro – User-Friendly CMS

Since WordPress’s origin stems from blogging, this content management system or CMS is very strong. An admin will have no issue in smoothly navigating through their WordPress website’s backend. It will also be super easy to upload newer content and edit pages. WordPress definitely makes it easier for organising content without requiring excess knowledge on website management.

Pro – Responsive

You will have access to thousands of themes in WordPress. Here, these themes are extremely responsive and reliable. It is important to have a mobile-friendly website since the majority of the browsing is done via phones. Your site should be able to adapt to all types of devices. Here, WordPress does an excellent job with it.

Pro – SEO

We strongly advise you to implement proper SEO practices. You can make use of multiple SEO plugins for optimising your content, keyword focus, meta tags, and more. Personally, our own team of Manchester SEO experts use the Yoast SEO plugin, which is free to use and comes with a premium version for extra features.

Pro – Plugins

Did you know that they are over a staggering 54,000+ paid and free plugins for all the WordPress users out there? You will need these plugins for customising and enhancing any WordPress website. You will require a plugin for making specific changes when it comes to your website’s functionality.

Pro – Open Source

WordPress is basically an open-source type of software, where anyone can proceed in using, studying, changing, and redistributing its source code. Also, the majority of the plugins and themes tend to be free under the license of GPLv2. Here, the programmers can openly share the code online. With code sharing, you will be able to save a ton of developing expenses and time by utilising an existing code.

Con – Vulnerability

Since this platform is open-source, it does attract potential hackers. So, you need to possess the proper knowledge in picking themes and plugins for your WordPress website for mitigating this danger. Make it a priority to assess the plugin’s quality and be cautious with its installation.

Con – Updates

To maintain your WordPress website’s health, you need to install updates. The themes of premium WordPress in specific are frequently updated. Such updates are needed for bettering and maintaining the security of WordPress sites. However, these updates sometimes bring small issues to the site, causing users to revert back to an older version of WordPress. So, it’s important for you to be careful with such updates.

Con – Speed

There are some themes that possess a lot of unwanted generic code. It causes the site to have a slow loading time. So, if you have never used WordPress before, then you will face struggles in which code to use and the ones you won’t be needing. To help with this, we also have a blog on how you can increase your website speed on WordPress.