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Industry Changes 2019- Prospess Joins Automattic

Automattic is a trusted partner of WooCommerce and WordPress and works to support automated marketing and subscriptions. AutomateWoo and Robot Ninja are both platforms that help online checkouts and are run and supported by the Prospess team. In 2019, 

Prospess and Automattic are joining in collaboration with WooCommerce to create and develop a more unified and consolidated subscription service.

What does it involve?

During the update, there was no change to any of their existing users Initially, the update was a case of welcoming and integrating through the new merger. The companies are working in close collaboration to develop the right feel for the work.

The aim of this collaboration is to explore how subscriptions can be evolved and unique and interesting resources can be incorporated to create superior products. In time, this update can lead to closer relationships between the platforms and unique opportunities for evolution. Automattic and Prospess will likely spend time on developing subscriptions and WooCommerce to encourage synergy between each platform.

What will this do for WooCommerce subscriptions?

The overall consensus of this merger is to create harmony and synergy between the platforms and deliver a more valuable and rich experience for users. The companies are looking to collaborate and tackle ongoing issues with the WooCommerce subscriptions, such as working on the scale and implementing solutions quickly and efficiently.

What is great about the open-source software

Prospess founder Brent Shepherd has been quoted as finding the ‘permission-less’ style of open-source software design. It allows creators to be openingly creative when developing their platforms and means that businesses can have more of a hand in creating their personalised future without needing permission of a ‘traditional gatekeeper, like an educational institution or proprietary software’. Open-course software also has endless collaboration possibilities and is a revolutionary model.

What encouraged this merger?

The founder found himself working at an agency and creating similar code to achieve WooCommerce store levels, such as repeat and follow up emails, schedules and event reminders. They realised that creating a native tool that was able to automate common and recurring tasks based on learned rules, actions and events and could save both business owners an exceptional amount of time while increasing sales. It was this realisation that allowed Dan to join Prospress in 2018.

The other platform under the Prospess umbrella is Robot Ninja. This platform arose from the need for an internal requirement to text complex configurations relating to shipping and subscription products worldwide. Through intensive work, the team built and ran a suite of simulated mouse clicks and keyboard strokes to effectively test the WooCommerce checkout platform.


This merger and collaboration between two important platforms and businesses in online commerce has paved the way for an advancement in ecommerce. Both trusted platforms are working together to increase sales and commerce for their customers in addition to increased clicks and conversions. This is a great collaboration that can provide a new and exciting platform and support for commerce sites and vendors.