How Q&A Videos Can Benefit Your Company

Q&A videos are something that have been out for a long time but are still great to use for all companies. Q&A’s are basically what they say in the name and focus on asking questions to the members of staff that will give your customers an insight on your company and your services. Below are some benefits that Q&A videos can bring to your business.

Insight to Your Company

One of the main benefits of Q&A videos is the ability to show a behind the scenes view of your company. A lot of the time your customers might know about your company and your services but not really know about the daily things that happen in your office. It is good to know how the office usually runs and to get an insight into why the staff love working at your company.

Get to Know the Staff

Q&A’s are also really helpful to allow customers to get to know the staff that work at your company. Each person can explain what they do, how they got into a certain section, why they enjoy it and also what they do for customers. This gives people buying the product/services a more in-depth understanding of who is actually delivering the project and brings a closer connection. It can also bring out the personalities more rather than just a Meet the Team page as you can see their characteristics shine through.

Sell Your Services

In addition to getting an insight into the company, Q&A videos are also a chance to sell your services/product. Each person being interview can explain in detail about the service as well as the benefits that come with it. Including your services might make people more willing to buy from you as it is not just words from a screen, it is actually someone taking the time to talk about the product. This is also a good way to give some example work to the customers.

Explain Why Your Company Is Great

Similar to selling your services, the staff members can also explain why the company is great. Focusing on the differences the organisation brings as well as some behind the scene work such as charity work, team events and the environment within the office. If you include the question ‘Why is Blue Whale Media great?’ then every single member of staff would answer but in their own unique way, so you would get a variety of opinions that all showcase how great the company is.

Blue Whale Media’s Videography Service

As you can see there are many benefits to Q&A videos which is why they are so popularly used. As part of our Videography service, our expert team can film your Q&A’s and edit them to suit your company’s branding. We have even filmed Q&A’s for our own company which can be seen on our YouTube page. Why not head over there now to check out the bloopers of the Q&A session?

If you want to ask our team about Q&A filming for your company, don’t hesitate to call us on 01925 552050.

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