What are the qualities of a great team?

Here at Blue Whale Media Ltd, we understand how a great team dynamic can have a positive effect on the workplace environment, and the work that we produce. With a full-time job taking up 35 hours of your week, it’s important that when you go to work, you are surrounded by a team of people that encourage you to thrive. Below, we have listed a few factors that help create a fantastic team environment.


As with any kind of relationship, communication is key. For a team to work as a successful and cohesive unit, they need to be open and honest with each other about tasks, projects and opinions. In the Blue Whale Media office, every person has a definitive role to play in building and managing the websites that we build.

It is also vital that if there is any feedback of communication regarding work or projects, that it be delivered in a constructive manner. It can be counterproductive to criticize another team member’s work, but not offer them some form of honest and open feedback or advice. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that everyone communicates well, or we would never be able to turn out such fantastic websites.

Shared goals

Another part of working in a successful team is to ensure that every individual member shares a common goal. Whether that is to make the company more successful or to generate more business leads, a common goal will unite a workforce and create a supportive network from which the company can thrive.

Support and diversity

Leading on from this, support is another vital component of an exceptional team. Teams are often more successful and productive when each individual member feels that they are adequately supported by their management and their fellow colleagues.

Team members can also find support and encouragement in the diversity of their colleagues. Everyone is unique and everyone has something to bring to the table. By employing a variety of different personalities, cultures and age groups, you are introducing a huge collection of different strengths and skill sets to your office. With a variety of personalities, you can expect a broad spectrum of ideas.

Great leadership

Strong leadership is absolutely essential. Every ship needs a captain, and the management should be trustworthy, and ultimately, respected. That’s not to say that management should be feared or unapproachable. Here at Blue Whale Media, our directors and managers have a collaborative relationship with every member of staff and create an encouraging and motivating place of work. Good leadership helps to guide your team to success.


Ultimately, there are a variety of different elements that combine to make a great team. Communication, support and strong leadership are essential when it comes to keeping your team a cohesive and united unit.

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