Questions You Should Be Asking Your Podcast Guests

While you already know that preparing for an interview with a podcast guest is essential, you should be thinking of questions to have at the ready. Crafting your questions for your interview can be tricky since they should be unique to your guests.

Podcast interviews allow you to build relationships with your audience. You’re providing an outside view on an expert or topic to engage your viewers, so make sure you’re not asking boring or dull questions.

Our Videography Warrington team have suggested some questions to get the ball rolling for your podcast:

“What do you wish you had known when you started?”

The objective of this question is to showcase the value of learning on the job. Think back to your first day in your career, you were probably a mix of excited and terrified. You were also ready to enter a new environment while being aware that you had a lot of things yet to master. It’s unlikely that your guest was an expert from day one in their current field. This question lets them expand on what they learned along the way to improve their skills and knowledge.

“What are you curious about right now?”

The objective of this question is to let your guests speak about their passions. This question has the benefit of ramping up the energy of your podcast. People will be able to share the trends within their industry or just about their workplace environment. Some guests may be timider than others, but everyone perks up when speaking about their passions. The podcast will become more enthusiastic and you’ll receive an engaging tone from your guest.

“What’s something you’ve failed at?”

The objective of this question is to demonstrate how your audience can overcome challenges. The goal is to get your guests to think of an obstacle and how they fought to gain success. Your audience will see the guests’ credibility by speaking about the failures they’ve experienced. Your guest can also offer advice that your audience can use in their own situations. These questions will help to establish a welcoming environment for your guests while providing an entertaining listen to your audience.

“Are you a hunter or a gatherer?”

The objective of this question to gain critical insights into your guest’s strengths and weaknesses. Your guest’s answer should be focused on their qualifications or their job role.

For instance, hunters and gatherers are two very different categories of people. This question can help you quickly discern what types of strengths and weaknesses helped your guests to achieve the role they currently have.

“What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career similar to yours?”

The objective of this question is to speak directly to your audience; it is a high-value question that will often result in great soundbites and even better content. Someone who has experienced success wants to help other people follow in their footsteps, and this interview question allows your guests to share their wisdom.

“Who are the three people who have been the most influential to you?”

The objective is to allow your guests to elaborate on people who have taught them or guided them in their careers. This question will enable them to share stories about anyone who has influenced their lives, be it a mentor or a relative, someone they know or one they’ve never even met. Asking for a specific number can encourage the guest to pick the people who have influenced them the most.

The questions suggested by our videography Warrington team can help you to prepare for your interview. Your podcast will run smoothly and there is nothing wrong with incorporating some more universal questions that could add a unique element.

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