How to Rank Your Website Higher in Google?

If you are looking to establish a solid online presence for your website, you cannot ignore SEO. Our website design Manchester team believe SEO is a sure fire way to increase your visibility in the search engines and rank your website on the top of Google and other search engines.

If you have a WordPress website, SEO becomes a lot easier. You can begin optimising your WordPress website right from the moment it’s launched. So if you don’t have a WordPress website, contact our website design Manchester agency today.

How to Improve Google Rankings of Your WordPress Website?

When we say SEO, there are two parts to it. One is on-site SEO and the other off-site SEO. Off site SEO are things that happen outside of your website such as sharing your URL on social media, link building, guest blogging etc.

On site SEO is all about making your website relevant to your target keywords. When you have a WordPress website, on-site SEO becomes easy. To start with, WordPress is SEO friendly right out of the box. It does a much better job of indexing every individual page when compared to other CMS platforms. So, how do you optimise each page on your website? As the experts at our website design Manchester agency will tell you, that’s where SEO plugins come into the picture.

What’s an SEO Plugin?

A plugin is an extension that allows you to add a feature to your WordPress website.

With an SEO plugin, anyone can optimise their website. Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to be a techie or an SEO specialist to be able to do that. In fact, you don’t have to ask your website design Manchester agency to do it for you. Every time you add a new page/blog to your website, you can optimise them easily using an SEO plugin.

Which SEO Plugin Should I Use?

Now that you understand what an SEO plugin can do, it’s time to pick the right SEO plugin for your WordPress website. There are a ton of SEO plugins out there. As your website design Manchester agency, we recommend Yoast SEO. It’s the best WordPress SEO plugin out there. What’s more, the basic version is free. You can choose to subscribe to the premium version for advanced features.

How to Use Yoast SEO to Optimise My Website?

Once you’ve installed Yoast SEO, you can easily edit a variety of aspects of your website to make them SEO friendly. Here are some things you should optimise using your SEO plugin.

  • Optimise the “Page Title” – This is the title search users will see in the search results. In fact, this is the title Google will see to determine if your website is relevant to a search query. So make the most of it.
  • Meta Description – This is the description that will show up in the search results. There are limited characters to work with, and the plugin will show you if your description is optimal or too long.
  • Keywords – In this segment you can simply enter all the relevant keywords
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