Reaching Your Target Audience on Instagram

If you are looking into social media marketing, then you’ll have definitely heard of Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular networks with the whole focus based on visuals such as photos and videos. With over 1 billion active monthly users, this social platform is the perfect place to target your audience. The first thing is to obviously set up an Instagram account with all your company information, but you also need to know how to reach out to the right people.

Who is your target audience?

A simple but very important aspect of reaching out to your target audience is actually determining who your audience is. While it’s great to produce content and keep your page up to date, it’s not as effective as publishing content that appeals to your audience. A good place to start is pinpointing specific features of your audience such as gender, age, demographics, location, interests, job roles, needs etc. Once you have this idea of who you will be targeting, it will make it easier to create content that they would be interested in as you know what they are likely to click on and want to see on their timelines.

The right content at the right time

Obviously, it’s great to have your target audience personas but you also want to make sure you are still targeting your audience overall, especially if you are new to the Instagram marketing game. Start researching what times are best to post on Instagram, thinking about certain days and times when your audience are most likely to be looking on the platform. Different networks have different days that work best, and Instagram is exactly the same. Not only is choosing the right time important, but also making sure the content you are producing at the time is relevant to the day and even the time.

Using hashtags

Whenever you hear about Instagram, you usually hear about hashtags too as this is probably the platform where they are used the most. Hashtags are a great tool when it comes to marketing as they allow for an organic way to reach your audience. If you already use Instagram, then you will know that Hashtags are used on the captions of your photos and they allow people to find your post if they don’t follow your account already. A tip to make sure you are using Hashtags to their full potential is to research which ones are best used for your company and the sector you are in. There are many tools online which will display what hashtags are popular within your area and also different locations that can be used.

Highlights can come in handy

Something that is quite new to Instagram, is Instagram Highlights. This stems from the feature that is Instagram stories where you can upload images and videos that are in the moment, similar to Snapchat. If you have used these before then you know that the stories only stay on for 24 hours, which is where Highlights come into play. Instagram Highlights allow you to save your stories and put them into categories so people can see them whenever. This is a great way to allow people to find out more about your company and services. You can separate them into different products, customer testimonials, upcoming launches, behind the scenes and much more.

Contact our social media team today!

Now you can see how to reach your target audience on Instagram, it’s time to start putting your plans into action. As a digital agency, we understand that as a company you might not have all the time in the world to run your Instagram account which is why our helpful social media team are here to help. We start by carrying out research and meet up with you face to face to discuss your target audience for your company. Our experts then produce intriguing content that is published at the right time with the right hashtags. To find out more about our social media services, visit our website or call 01925 552050 to speak to our team.

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