Reasons Why You Should use jQuery

Reasons Why You Should use jQuery

jQuery has become a great asset to all web developers in Manchester, from novice and experienced levels.

This is a Javascript library that simplifies the programming syntax into a more condensed form. Utilising jQuery provides web designers with a vast amount of flexibility and power.

This method standardises and simplifies the interaction between HTML elements and JavaScript code. Below are some benefits to using this technique.

Highly extensible

The jQuery library has been created in order to be kept focused and tight, reducing the code to only the essential features needed. To add to this, there is a plugin framework that makes it easy for developers to expand jQuery. Programmers can utilise the official jQuery plugins as well as thousands of other third-party plugins. This means that only the main features are downloaded. You can downloaded the additional features that aren’t included online.

Pages load faster

Bing, Google and other search engines use page loading time as a ranking factor which affects search engine optimization. Due to this, web developers must make sure that their code is light and as condensed as possible. jQuery files are normally stored separately from the webpages. This allows developers to make various modifications to the whole site, with all the code being available in one central location.

Clean syntax

jQuery uses simple, clean and powerful syntax which makes it easy to to select DOM elements on a webpage. You may need to learn how to separate your scripts from your page styling code. Due to how jQuery is created, it is easy to hook elements from various areas from pages using CSS classes. Your final markup will be separate to your scripting code whenever you use this method.

Cross-browser compatibility

An important benefit of using jQuery is that it can handle lots of cross-browser issues that are experienced while programming with JavaScript. Handling cross-browser issues is rather challenging in web development. You might find certain elements working fin in one browser, but may find errors in other browsers. The jQuery browser manages to deal with most of these issues. This means you can develop a website that works across all browsers equally.

It is open source

jQuery has it’s own open-source community that gives users a lot of advantages. It is free to use as a result. When you encounter any issues, the community is there to assist you with potential solutions. There are multiple plugins available to help you customize your programming environment.

The initial learning of JavaScript isn’t needed as jQuery is a simplified form of it, and as a result enables anyone with an interest to pick-up and learn the code, with a large community and many tutorials on the web that are easily accessible. There are always new methods of utilising jQuery to achieve your programming goal and there are many ways to achieve what you may want to do by utilising the vast jQuery library components, alongside a huge community to help out.

jQuery has become a highly recommended programming language due to being fast, simple and easy to use. It enables programmers to code better website, without the need for years of time in initially learning this language.