We Have a Refreshed Brand Identity

Blue Whale Media is happy to announce a change in its brand logo. Our old logo was stylish and connected well with our target audience. But, with a growing business and changing times, we felt an updated logo would keep us more current and relatable for our target audience.

About the New Logo

The new logo is similar to the old one in content, which keeps the brand familiarity alive in our customers. The current logo is new in its presentation. It differs from its earlier version in colour, font style, and spacing in between content.

Our design team arrived at the current design by applying a judicious combination of creative capabilities and practical requirements.

With meticulous thought and talent going into the design, we believe that the present logo will help us achieve the following business objectives:

Reflect Our Company’s Purpose

Blue Whale Media is an online marketing company that offers a wide range of media services, including design, animation, app development and online marketing.

While it is not possible to convey our entire range of services through the logo, we are sure, target audiences will be able to make essential connections. For example, the name Blue Whale Media in the logo conveys that we are a company involved in media creation.

The Blue Whale design may perhaps convey the wide range of our services and the uniqueness of the results we create.

Strengthen Customers’ Trust in Us

We already have a strong customer base comprising leading small and medium-sized businesses in Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, London, and Cheshire.

With its clean, crisp and creative design, our re-designed logo can strike a chord with existing clients who have experienced our simple and high-performing websites and apps. For our target audience, the new redesign conveys a sense of expertise and professionalism – crucial attributes that generate trust.

Strong Brand Presence

The team at Blue Whale Media is a creative bunch that gets things done. We are professionals through and through, which means we’ll be committed to your project from start till end.

We are not static though. We change with times, for the better, and keep ourselves up-to-date with evolving customer needs, design trends and web technologies.

In short, we would like to describe ourselves as creative, contemporary and professional, which is what our logo has been designed to convey.

With an effective logo that conveys a positive brand message, we are sure our brand will have a strong presence in our target audiences’ minds.

With its familiar looks and creative tweaks, we are sure our new logo will set us apart from the crowd.

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