Creating Responsive Layouts with CSS Grid

5 Ways Responsive Web Design Benefits Your SEO

As you are moving towards a mobile- first index because of the user are dependent on small screen resolution like smart phone and tablets. Thus making responsive web design an important component for any SEO plans rather than using it for innovation.

Given below are the five reasons of why you should upgrade your website to a mobile-friendly, responsive design in order to benefit your own SEO in Liverpool.

Improvement in the use of sites

Use of responsive web design in your sites makes it easy for the user to read and navigate your content. It also results in improving the experience of the user and saves a lot of time. Since Google aims to satisfy the user, you should have better usability scores which will lead the user to visits of your sites regularly. Responsive web design bring about successful in businesses through improvement in journey and experience of the user. Google also boost search engine rankings of sites with better usability score.

Quickly loading of pages

Fast loading of pages can boost the Google search engine rankings of your sites. As Google usually prefers sites with quick loading of pages. Devices with responsive web designs will help faster loading of your pages and results in better user experience and rankings. Thus, Google also encourage the use of responsive web design in designing of sites.

Reduction in rate of bounce

Bounce rate is the amount of time spends by the user in your site. Google always keeps a check on the entry and exit points of the user. If your sites are irrelevant to the search of the user, there is high chance of decrease in Google ranking. However you should design the content along with design outweighs to make your content more interesting. As such, responsive web design helps you to display your content in a mobile friendly with relevant content to the user.

Duplicate content problems

If you opt for a different sites, you might find a hard time in correcting duplicate content problems. Copy content can seriously harm your Google search engine rankings until you make it clear that your content is true. So, there is an advantage of using responsive web design where you can focus your SEO in a single site. As most of the content requires more than single sites. 

Making social sharing easier

Responsive web designs have made it easier for the users to social sharing. Though it may not increase your Google ranking directly but it will result in increasing traffic and the number of visitor visiting your sites. As a result, it will enhance the number of searches that might further boost you in Google ranking. Since responsive web design is adaptable to all devices, it solves the problem to convince the user to navigate and visit its sites. 


Since, Google is favouring sites that are applicable to all devices, so use of responsive web designs can solve the problem of adjusting sites. In fact most of the top search sites are usually the ones that have access to responsive web design in their sites.