Why you should consider rewriting your website content for important pages

Rewriting Content for Websites

Rewriting website content can be a daunting task, it’s often trickier than starting from scratch. The truth is, every copywriter works differently, my trick is to find the writing style and approach for the particular client or website and work onwards from there.

Being a content writer for Blue Whale Media means rewriting and creating content and rewriting content for small and large scale websites. Part of writing content is to understand what the customer wants with their website content and rewrite as needed. This is the way that I ensure the content meets structural readability and branding needs.

Here’s what you need to know about rewriting website content from Blue Whale Media:

Do you really need to rewrite website content? 

The short answer is, yes. It is important if you want people to read it, but the good news is that people don’t need as much content as you think they do. By reviewing your content you can assess which pages of the website need to be rewritten. This way you can label the pages of content on whether they are high priority or low priority, you can focus on the high priority content first and leave the rest. 

High priority content should include: 

  • Supports primary user tasks and topics such as your homepage or services pages. 
  • Impacts people’s safety or aids concern such as your company policies. 
  • Is frequently viewed and used by web visitors, such as your contact us page and homepage. 

Reasons why you should rewrite your website content

  • Your content is old – whether you wrote your content two months or two years ago, going through a website content rewrite is the perfect way to add new content or revamp your old content. 
  • It’s great for SEO – essentially this is a key metric that will tell you how easily your business can be found online. If you’re not being found online by possible customers then your content needs to be improved by a Manchester SEO agency.
  • More content, more keywords – newer content provides more opportunity for your website to contain more keywords. This helps you to optimise content with pertinent keywords that can attract visitors to your website. 
  • Marketing – website owners depend largely on link building as a way of drawing attention to their content. Fresh content, in blogs, videos, or further links can help you create a buzz. 

Rewriting is part of the game 

Once you’ve been a content writer for long enough, you’ll probably find that you don’t need to rewrite certain pages anymore. I know I have come to a point in my career where I’ve written enough content to have good knowledge of many topics within many industries. I have also gained the ability to research quickly and avoid referring to prior content in the future. However, rewriting the content is part of the process, one of the most common rewrites I undertake is of our own work at Blue Whale Media

It’s still good to use the above tips and advice to ensure each piece of content is unique and improve the content’s value to readers and search engines. If you would like more information about rewriting website content, please contact Blue Whale Media today to see how we can help you!