Rock Climbing at North West Face Climbing Centre

Rock Climbing at North West Face Climbing Centre

Blue Whale Media’s office team reached great new heights with our latest team-building event on the 7th of April. With the addition of our two new apprentices, we decided this was a great opportunity for our team to work together to encourage each other to take that one step higher. 

After a morning of working hard with our regular regime, we all made our way to The North West Face Climbing Centre. The nerves were truly kicking in after we all saw the height of the climbing walls. Luckily, the staff there were great at instructing us and settling our nerves. Once we were strapped in and given the safety brief we were off… 

But the question is, who’s brave enough to go first? After a few “umms” and “ahhs” the courageous ones of the bunch set off. Everyone that attended did a fantastic job. We even had a little race between Josh (marketing) and Laura (graphics) and it’s safe to say Laura beat Josh to the top. Our Managing Director Gary even gave it a good go! 

We were all exhausted afterwards and we all had a great time cheering each other on! We all slept very well that night. 

Thank you to the staff at The North West Face Climbing Centre for hosting a great afternoon for our team.