What My Role Is at Blue Whale Media

At Blue Whale Media, my official role is Sales Executive. This entails finding and contacting potential clients, primarily in the local area.

I also grow Blue Whale Media’s following online by writing and posting statuses, meeting following/follower targets on Twitter and posting in Google+ communities.

I started working at Blue Whale Media in December 2017, the job listing stood out to me because I had previously worked as an apprentice at a digital marketing agency and had taken an interest in the marketing side of web design and social media because of the role I had taken there.

What My Day Consists Of:

Finding Potential Customers

Using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, I’m able to find a range of potential customers who require different services. Some have a lower following and aren’t as active on social media and would benefit from our social media services greatly, others have a great social following but perhaps don’t have a logo or their site isn’t mobile friendly, in this case I would make a note to let them know about our web design services.

I also use Google to search for local businesses that could also benefit from our services.

As well as looking for potential customers online, I also distribute leaflets around the local area which detail our services and certain offers we have on.

As I find potential clients, I enter their details into a spreadsheet and into Prosperworks to ensure both myself and Chloe, our other sales executive, can keep track of them.

Contacting Potential Customers

After I have a concise list on who I can contact, I start by messaging a few on Facebook, letting them know we are interested in working with them and how we can help them.

I then design, write and send out a MailChimp which will go out to every e-mail listed on the spreadsheet, this goes into more depth about the services we offer and the offers we may have on for those services.

Once all of this has been sent out, I contact those who have been messaged for a follow up call where they can directly let me know if they are interested or not. If they do show interest, I set up a time for the potential client to call the managing director where they can discuss what they’re looking for in depth.

Increasing Blue Whale Media’s Following

A large online presence is a benefit for any business, but for business based primarily online it is a must to have a social media presence.

On Twitter, I work on increasing our following by looking for businesses based in our area or businesses also working in web design to follow. I also follow accounts which are primarily social media and digital marketing focused.

As well as just looking for new people to follow, I also write and post statuses detailing our services, offers and what our existing clients have been up to.

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