Email Marketing Techniques That Can Sell Anything

Email Marketing campaigns are more important than you might think. It’s a different form of Marketing that can attract a different type of customer to social media Marketing. It’s important not to forget about email Marketing as it could have a significant impact on your business.

Apply Content Marketing Best Practices to Your Email

Remember you’re trying to sell your products, it’s essential to always keep the customer in mind, including information that is likely to grab their attention is the best place to start. Making the email as clear and straight to the point as possible will work to your advantage. Customers like to know precisely what you are trying to sell them and what they will get should they buy from you. Putting any offers you may be having as the subject of the email is likely to attract their attention. Making the email as personal as you can is another way to bring customers to at least read the email. Granted it can be hard to personally address every email especially if you don’t know their name. However, if they are a reoccurring customer, it’s especially important to send the email by their name and make them feel welcomed.

Inform Them

Addressing the customer by name is one right way to win them over, however now you have to make sure they are fully engaged in the actual email. Make it entertaining and showing your personality, all while still having the severe business straight-to-the-point side. Even if you not emailing existing customers, lead emailing is just as important to show your business off to the fullest. Offering an incentive for opting in or ‘refer a friend’ is an easy way to gain new custom. Having a button customers can quickly press if they wish to sign up or a sign-up card in a store where they can fill some of their details out is a much easier way to attract business. Offering an option for clients to sign up to receive offer emails is another great incentive to put out there.

Tell Stories

Including either background stories of how a product was made or how the business began is an excellent way to win over customers. Even if one of your products has a weird name, giving customers a bit of information on how the name came about will provide the email that personal feel. If you wish to make your stories funny that’s great too, ensure you are still getting the point of the email across.

Keep it Short

Do your research! Reading journalist articles is a great place to start as they always inform the readers of the most important point first. All key points should be listed first as that is what’s going to grab the reader’s attention. Single-subject email is known to work better as they are easier to understand. Providing a short and straightforward initial email no longer then 30 seconds is likely to work more in your advantage, especially if the customer is viewing the email off a mobile phone. It might seem strange providing a 30 second email, however, attaching a link to a blog post or page on your website that viewers can click on to find out more information will determine the customers who are interested in your services.