When Is The Best Time To Send Email Campaigns

Email Marketing has been around for a long time and it’s here to stay. Email Marketing is the process of designing and creating emails that usually promote a product or service that your company offer. There are many aspects of email marketing to consider; type of email, mailing list, design, software and timing. Finding the right balance for all those things can help you produce a pretty great email campaign. Within this article, you’ll find out what areas to think about when looking into email marketing and how timing plays a huge part in your campaigns.

Types Of Emails

Before worrying about timing, you need to think about the types of emails you can send. Each company will have a different approach depending on the services and products they offer. A few examples of campaigns are welcome emails, promotional, seasonal, post-purchase, newsletter and cart abandonment. By choosing which type of email will work best your company, will help you choose when to send the email to your mailing list. 

Mailing List  

Another step towards the perfect email marketing campaign is organising your mailing lists. A mailing list consists of contacts who have connected with your company online and most of the time shown interest in the products and services you offer. For each different email campaign, you can have different mailing lists containing different users. This will help you to separate your audience into suitable categories. If you are dealing with mailing lists, you need to ensure you are updating them regularly and if anyone requests to be removed then you must have a system in place to do so.

Seasonal Events

Now we are moving onto the timing of emails. When looking at the bigger picture, there might be different seasonal events that relate to your company. For example, if you were a florist then your popular times of the year would be valentines day and mothers day. You would still be busy with birthdays, anniversaries and other events but just focussing on seasonal events, these would be relatable to all florists. For your company, you need to think about the different seasons and how they relate to your workload. Another example would be gardening companies. These would generally be busier in Summer rather than Winter due to the seasonal change. This is something to think about when looking at your email marketing. Think about when your service is needed the most by

Daily Emails

Similarly, you need to think about what days and times would work best for your company. While researching this online, it was said that Thursday is the best day to send promotional and newsletter emails whereas Wednesdays are better for engagement – videos and blog posts which allow interaction. If you are looking into the different days for your email marketing campaign, below are some suggestions:

  • Monday
    • Promoting an upcoming campaign
    • Specific offers for those ‘Monday blue’
  • Tuesday
    • Teasing a new campaign
    • Videos
    • Announcements
  • Wednesday
    • Promoting your campaign
    • New products/services
  • Thursday
    • Interactive content
    • Videos
    • Product demonstrations
    • Influencers
  • Friday
    • Fun activities
    • Catch up on the week’s events
    • Social media hype
    • Offers for ‘payday treats’
Personalised Campaigns

Now you’ve planned what emails to send and when to send them, it’s time to start designing your emails. You need to make sure your campaigns are fully personalised to your company so you are able to keep your brand identity present online. Think about branding, graphics, media and content. If you do need that extra bit of help with your email marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to talk to our marketing experts or head over to our website to find out more information at https://www.bluewhalemedia.co.uk/marketing/email-marketing/