How to do an SEO Audit of Your Website?

If you’ve approached a professional SEO Warrington agency, you may already have some experience with SEO audit. This is an important first step that every responsible and experienced SEO Warrington agency will take. An SEO audit is a process of assessing whether your website is search engine friendly across a variety of parameters.

An SEO audit helps identify the problem areas that need to be fixed. It also paves the way for charting out a route map for corrective action. You can carry out the audit manually, use an online tool (click here for a free website audit from Blue Whale Media), or ask your SEO Warrington agency for help.

How to Do a Manual SEO Audit?

Answer the following questions to determine the SEO friendliness of your website.

  • Are titles unique for every page on your site?
  • Is the meta title in the range of 50-65 characters?
  • Is the meta description between 150-160 characters?
  • Make sure the description tag isn’t keyword stuffed.
  • Are URLs SEO friendly?
  • Is there an H1 tag for titles?
  • Have H2 and H3 subheadings been used?
  • Is a favicon present?
  • Is the content on each page original and fresh?
  • What’s the length of content on each page?
  • Do you practice internal linking?
  • Do you use varying anchor text for interlinking?
  • Is an ALT tag present for all images on your site?
  • Are images optimised for size?
  • Ensure blog comments have “nofollow” tag
  • Are there any broken links?
  • What’s the average load time of your homepage?
  • What’s the average load time of the inner pages?
  • Do you have links from the homepage to the most important pages?
  • Do you have links to the most important pages in the sidebar/footer?
  • Do you have an HTML sitemap in the navigation menu?
  • Do you have a Contact, About and Privacy Policy page?
  • Do you have a custom 404-redirect page?
  • Is an XML sitemap in place?
  • Is the website registered with Google Webmaster tools?
  • Is the website registered with Bing Webmaster tools?
  • Have you registered your website with Google Analytics?
  • Competitor analysis
  • How many links pointing to your website?

Need Help with SEO?

The above checklist will go a long way in determining the search engine friendliness of your website. This audit will help you assess where your website stands with respect to SEO. You will either find out that your SEO is good or that it needs work. This will pave the way for further tuning up your SEO strategy. Hire a professional SEO Warrington agency for optimal results.

Written and Published by Blue Whale Media.

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