How SEO has evolved over the years

According to SEO Marketing Warrington the digital world has faced multiple changes and excellent growth. It is great to note that this digital growth has also had a great impact on digital marketing. It is for this reason that digital marketing experts and SEO specialists the world over have experienced rampant Search Engine Optimization changes over the last decade. The changes have not gone unnoticed but have been utilized to bring in better results to the ever improving marketing discipline. All these changes have significantly contributed to how SEO has evolved and shaped up during this time. It is safe to say that SEO is not an easy task at this point in time; however, all these changes have made the web world more useful for the audience. It is no wonder that marketers are fighting for better technology at least in a bid to outdo each other and ward off any upcoming competition.

Impact of SEO Evolution

SEO Marketing Warrington opines that the evolution of SEO this past decade has promoted it to a compulsory stepping stone in the digital marketing world. It is important to note that, originally SEO used to be centered around stuffing content with keywords as well as building link profiles through some dubious means at times. However, SEO has greatly evolved courtesy of a rampant change in trends and spontaneous Google Algorithm updates. This is surely not the SEO of the ancient decades as it is now largely about providing a positive user experience to the audience and making sure that they find quality information devoid of unnecessary hitches. We need to acknowledge that there are some notable changes that have shaped the evolution of SEO over the years. It is a fact that SEO has evolved greatly in the recent past. Let us highlight the most notable changes marking SEO’s evolution.

The role of user experience in SEO

SEO Marketing Warrington SEO evolution has brought changes in terms of content as well as to the user. It is great to note that SEO techniques have changed a lot in reference to the last decade. SEO tactics have narrowed down to the delivery of an optimal user experience to site visitors. This is where one is able to rate the amount of traffic the site is able to attract. Further, it is prudent to appreciate the fact that websites with cool as well as modern coupled with easier UX are doing better these days. The question that remains begging is how you can go about ignoring SEO evolution. What this means is that SEO has now become about crafting your content and user experience to appeal to Google the right way so that customers can find you. Great user experience translates to more clicks which is basically more traffic. This fairly stands out as a great step in user experience.

Relevant content

According to SEO Marketing Warrington, there is need to create emphasis on the relevance of good content for your website. It is at this point that you are called upon to understand what relevant content is all about. High-quality content is very effective in beefing marketing strategies. Poor content is not the right material to build any website leave alone your own. If you need to appeal to your users as well as potential users, there are no two ways about it since relevant content is the key. It is not all about keyword stuffing and creating spammy content. Quality and relevant content are two things that you have to employ to your website. The evolution of SEO was beefed up with the release of the Panda update in 2011. It is from this point that meaningful and high-quality content saw a successful spike over keyword stuffing. This translated to quality of content. The impact of this is that since the updated roll out, poorly constructed websites got penalized. It is for this reason that you have to embrace the SEO evolution.

Page speed

You obviously love and appreciate page speed to your website. You need a website that allows the search engines to open as fast. That is the reason as to why SEO evolution is a welcome move. It is important to consider the fact that we have the user expectations about the loading speed of your website. Imagine a slow loading and the impatience you carry with you. We therefore need to appreciate how improving the loading speed of your website has become a pointer towards SEO evolution and thus a major SEO technique. It is this page speed that grows the user experience positively. The Google speed online tool measures website speed based on search rankings. It is for this reason that we are at liberty to conclude that page speed is an enabler for user experience. This is also another pointer towards SEO evolution.

Change in SERPs

At SEO Marketing Warrington, we are oblivious of the fact that Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) have been ever-changing. This means that there is continuous technological growth. The changes have been taking effect every other day. It is these notable small changes that have been in the direction of making the search engine faster and more optimized. This is all you ever needed in the drive towards achieving a quick and accurate search engine. The idea behind the change of SERPs is basically to ensure that you remain in tandem with the changing technological era. This is yet another milestone denoting SEO evolution.

Keyword placement and density

Keyword stuffing was a common practice before the Panda update in 2011. This was the point where spammy content as well as keyword stuffing was brought to a halt. This led to the SEO evolution where proper keyword placement was insisted on rather than focusing on the density of the keywords in the content throughout the pages of the website. It is courtesy of this evolution that better content is gracing the websites and thus attracting increased traffic.