SEO Mistakes To Avoid For Your Ecommerce Website

SEO is a great way to bring in some targeted traffic to your website. Getting it right is all the more difficult for an ecommerce website. The opportunities to optimise your ecommerce website are limited. So make the most of the limited options you have. Avoid these SEO mistakes for your ecommerce website and seek help from a SEO company Warrington.

No Product Descriptions

A product description is your pitch to your visitors. Imagine, a door to door salesman knocks on your door, presents a product, but does not say anything at all. What kind of an impact would that make on you?

That’s how important a product description is for every product on your ecommerce website. Place SEO optimised descriptions that lay out the benefits of the product clearly. You are wasting an opportunity to index your page on Google.

Copying Manufacturer’s Product Descriptions

Don’t just blindly copy the manufacturer’s product descriptions on to your online store. The manufacturer has bigger things to focus on – manufacturing in bulk. Creating an SEO optimised, sales friendly product description is your job. Placing duplicate content on your website could attract penalties.

Moreover, it’s bad for sales. Be sure to write your own descriptions. Writing a product description for tons of products may seem exhausting. But there are solutions.

For one you could hire an SEO company Warrington to do it on your behalf. Second, you could get the descriptions done in batches.

Title Tags That Are Generic

The page title is very crucial for SEO. But creating unique title tags for similar products can quickly become a difficult task. But, be sure to going the generic way. Generic and duplicate title tags are not good for SEO. Write unique, SEO optimised title tag for every product

Pages Not Optimised For Search

Be sure to optimise your page for the search phrases your consumers use to search for products. When you want to stand out and shine in the search engine result pages, the only way out is to optimise your entire page for search demand. Not sure how to go about it? Hire a professional SEO company Warrington for help.

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