Unfortunately, this month, I spent the start of September on holiday! I went to Bulgaria with my girlfriend for a relaxing getaway. I had a fantastic time, drank 3 times my weight in alcohol and did things I have never done before such as going on a banana boat, taking pictures with parrots and having a snake around my neck! I returned to Blue Whale Media on the 10th with a lot of work to do and lots of fun to be had.

Tough Mudder

Before returning to work, I stupidly agreed to do Tough Mudder the day I arrived home. It was a lot harder than the last time I did it and I don’t think going out the night before on the back of no sleep for 40 hours helped. However, Sam, Joe, Holli and I completed it and it was actually a lot of fun although it was really painful, and I lost items of clothing. We are actually looking to do this again next year, hopefully, we will have more members of staff doing it next year.

Creative Liverpool

On the 27th of September, Lewis and I ventured into Liverpool to attend the Creative Liverpool event hosted by GMBT. The idea of the event was to teach us how to improve our workflow in the workplace. A guy named Tony Harmer from Adobe hosted the talks and relayed some amazing information that would have otherwise been missed by Lewis and I. Such as saving multiple artboards on a PDF at once and organising our Creative Cloud assets to make presets that can be used regularly.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

28th of September was the Macmillan Coffee Morning. It was a massive success, credit to all those who baked as they tasted great and it was good to donate to a worthy cause. Star baker was Amber as her Maltesers Tray Bake were absolutely incredible. Eve, Holli, Joe and I walked around the entire business park to sell cakes to raise money and we successfully raised £108 in about an hour! Well done to the team!

October Video

This month’s video I decided to do differently, instead of a static simple approach, I put a bit more effort to make a more moving recap of the month. I had a lot of fun making it and it was good to reminisce on how much of a good month we have had as a company. We had things such as;
• Our first pod of the month winners
• Websites going live
• Charity Events
• Upcoming events
It was good to see the video on the screen from outside the office and it makes the office look a lot more alive.

E-commerce Video

I had the opportunity to make another service video this month, this time it was the turn of the E-commerce video. I had a lot of fun making this video and it was good to understand more about the company’s services and how we go about doing things.

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