Settling in at Blue Whale Media

I waited for 3 weeks after my initial interview with Gary until I finally heard from him. It was the most relaxed interview I’ve ever had. I genuinely thought I had failed the test! That phone call in Aldi Car park from Gary really made my day!

This is the end of week four and the end of my trial at Blue Whale Media. Where did that go? I have never had a sales role where there are literally not enough hours in the day! I am working with a great team of people who have made me feel very welcome from the outset. The best part of week 4 was finding out that I am being taken on as a permanent member of staff. It can’t get much better than that!

My role at Blue Whale Media

I have had a few sales roles over the years, but web and media sales is completely new to me. I knew right from the start; I was on a tight learning curve. But this has made it a challenge, but a fun one!

First Week

Arriving on the Monday morning, I wondered what I had let myself in for. However, Gary and Stef are both people persons! I was shown my work station, which included a MAC. I’m used to PCs! Gulp! But luckily, Stef showed me what I needed to do. I spent the next few days learning about the services that Blue Whale Media offer, looking at examples of websites created here. They are amazing!

First Month

It was time to start making calls from the various sources of leads. I decided not to let it daunt me too much. I was nervous, but I dived in head first. This proved to be a good tactic as I soon found my feet and my confidence improved with each cold call I made. Now making calls is almost second nature.

What I have learnt so far

I have learnt so much about how websites are created and what goes in to producing one. From the initial call, through to pitch, sale and beyond. My next goal is to learn how to become proficient at all 3 selling steps, like the MD, Gary and then see how the website develops. This would be through WordPress etc, plus the content, then graphics etc with possibly drone footage involved too. The new way forward. I have a long way to go!

My plans for the future at Blue Whale Media

I would like to become as tech savvy as the young team I work with. They run rings around me now with their knowledge of social media and modern marketing skills. Only with practice, and continuous training will allow me to achieve that. I have a real urge to make this happen so that eventually, Blue Whale Media have the faith in me to send me out into the big wide world selling all of the services we offer with real confidence.

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