Blue Whale Media Sponsors Shannon Bradshaw Trust’s Annual Ball

At Blue Whale Media, we believe our services should extent towards community welfare too. We like to support causes close to our heart and offer a better understanding of how social media and website development can help towards better recognition for these programs.

The Shannon Bradshaw Trust

With its unique vision and purpose-to-be, the Shannon Bradshaw Trust was set up in

2002 to help parents and families with young children with life-threatening illnesses cope with their situation. The trust has been set up by Patti and Alan Bradshaw, who themselves experienced these travails when they lost their 7-year old daughter the same year. Named in memory of their little girl, the trust has since then truly helped touch the lives of several other families who deal with the rigour and trauma of coping with a terminally ill young one in the family. Apart from donations and the support of well-wishers, the Shannon Bradshaw Trust hosts an annual ball to raise funds to support their commendable cause.

Our Journey With Shannon Bradshaw Trust

When we understood the work they do, we knew we wanted to support their efforts as well. The annual ball the trust hosts is a huge event for them. We decided to begin there by acting as a sponsor for the ball. To make sure our contribution is much more long standing, we are also rebuilding their website. With the range of services we offer, including website design, PPC, SEO optimisation, and digital media marketing, we knew our experts are our best contribution towards a cause as strong as theirs. We hope that through this journey, we can be a constant support for the trust, and create a virtual space for them that reaches out to a wider support network and keep their family of donors and well-wishers closer still.