Dale Swann interviewing an OCC staff member while Anthony Trantum operates a camera.

Shoot for OCC

One of the shoots I went on for work experience was for in which my main job was to get as many pictures as I could for behind the scenes that would be posted on social media. The first thing we needed to do when we got there is set up lights and a backdrop as the company needed photos of everyone for their website. Once we had finished this me and dale went outside to set up the drone and see if it could film steadily in the windy conditions and unfortunately it couldn’t.

We then went upstairs to get videos of some of the workers there explaining how long they have worked for the company, why they decided to join and what is it that they do. For this me and Dale set up lighting and Anthoney was holding the camera filming whilst I was also getting pictures of the behind the scenes. After we had finished everyone upstairs, we then had one more person to do downstairs which required more lighting to be set up which is what me and Dale did.

Once we had finished this we then went to try and get some footage with the drone after the snow had stopped. However, when we tried again the wind was still to much for the drone so there was no useable footage for the drone but when we reviewed the rest of the footage it was all perfect so Anthoney said he would need to come back another time to make sure they got everything that the client wanted. We then packed away everything loaded up the van and headed back.

I really enjoyed going out on this shoot and it is very good work experience for me as this is a part if the things I will be doing now that my apprenticeship has started. 

Dale Swann setting up a DJI drone and Anthony Trantum setting up a tripod for lighting equipment.
Dale Swann setting up the drone