Should You Abide To The Changes Of Google?

Just recently, Google made a decision to make the meta description of every article shorter than it should. Then it changed back again to the same size that it used to be before. For the past few months, Meta descriptions are usually longer. With the changes made by Google, it is no surprise that a lot of people will question it and will actually find it annoying. Does the length of the meta description matter that much? Should you abide by every decision made by Google to get a better search ranking? Though you might find these changes disturbing, you know if you should really go and abide by it to get a better rank in search engine results, The services of experts and professionals like Warrington SEO can actually boost your chances of complying with Google’s new policy.

To Make a Website is to Fit In with Google’s Mission

Google mission actually sounds very simple—that is to make organised information that is found all over the world and make it accessible and useful to all people. While it seems that the changes Google makes happen almost regularly making most people feel annoyed, you will probably have the best chance to be ranked well if you aim to abide by Google’s mission.

With this mission, you must aim to attract people and make them find useful information in your web content. You must also aim to give them an excellent user experience and keep them satisfied. This should always be part of your goals when you are still building up your SEO strategy.

Making a Tweak Comes Second

The first priority in building up a website is making it excellent by using useful web content. But you can also tweak a number of things in your site to make it different from the rest. The competition to be ranked first in the search results is actually difficult so you need to pull off the extra effort to get traffic to your website. In this case, tweaking something like writing eye-catching meta descriptions can be a good strategy.

However, you must realise that tweaking only comes second when it comes to building up your website. What is the use of an awesome meta description if you only have crappy content to be supported by it, right?

Do not Panic: Focus on Quality and Tweak, Though Infrequently

Do not make a fuss whenever Google brings out another update for your website. In the first place, if you already have a good website with really useful content, the updates will probably hardly affect the ranking at all. The updates made by Google are still dependent on their mission. Google just wants the users to find the best matching websites that answer their query every time. Warrington SEO will always make sure that your website will be the match to the query it answers to.

This, after all, is part of every Warrington SEO strategy, so you don’t have to worry about the changes and your ranking. Just focus on making an excellent website that every people would willingly visit nonetheless.

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