Should you build links for SEO?

Should You Build Links For SEO?

To improve your SEO, what you truly need is top-quality website content. More sites will be interested in linking to your site if you produce great content. Google has an algorithm that helps prevent sites from incorporating link building strategies. If you wish to gain the search engine’s favour, then you need to come up with great content.

Linkbuilding Can Penalise Your Website

There’s no question that links are a crucial factor if you wish to demonstrate your authority, show up in the SERPs, or earn traffic. But you can’t earn links without quality content. Only through content are you able to build high-quality natural links. Yes, you can build useful links via media like YouTube or through event promos and guest blogs.

But you still require content first. Think about it, a natural linker doesn’t want to link their users to your sales-heavy landing page, they want to link users to informative and quality content such as your blog. And when it comes to unnatural link building, such as paying for links, Google has many signals which it can use to determine if a link is genuine or not.

Diversify Your Traffic With Shareable Content

The process of building links is very slow and comes with low rewards. Also, purchasing links is just costly in general. It is smart to invest in your content instead of going through all the link hassle. It will give the audience a reason to enter your page and interact. You also get to diversify your traffic through your content. How? Well, it’s because your content can be shared just about anywhere. Your content will be relevant in chat groups, social media, forums, and emails.

All content distributing channels offers the chance to engage in audience interaction, helping build relationships. Content is responsible for adding emotion and presence to your site. It does so through your videos, comments, brand voice, and the tone of your blogs. Here, your brand functions as a human team.

Easier Scalability & Control Via Content

You have two primary categories for SEO, owned media and earned media. Here, owned media consists of branded podcasts, sites and blogs, messengers such as WhatsApp or contact list on the SMS, and email list. And earned media refers to guest blogs, 3rd party podcasts or events, social media, and backlinks.

The owned media, such as your blog content, will help in keeping your investment safe at all times. No single person will be able to steal it from you. Plus, you will have no trouble scaling your content production as well as the pivot distributing channels as required. These things aren’t possible through link building.

Links Always Comes Second

We are not neglecting the need for earned links when it comes to SEO. We wholeheartedly encourage you to use natural backlinks that come from genuine sites, especially authoritative ones. But you can only acquire natural links by publishing regular content. With content, it offers other sites a real reason to link to your webpage. Make sure to focus on original research, quotable thoughts, statistics, podcasts, reports, videos, infographics, GIFs, and graphics. Prioritise publishing of unique content, and the rest will follow.