Significance of Video Backgrounds in Web Design

As humans, anything that moves attracts us. Hence, videos add another dimension to a website. A video background is the video that you  put on the background of your homepage or website. It is an essential element of web design that is here to stay. Companies and businesses love it as it makes websites or homepages attractive and modern. The video background is on another level of engagement and design compared to simple image backgrounds. Learn how to make the most of video backgrounds with these tips from our own Liverpool website design company.

Significance of Video Backgrounds

Increase ales

The video backgrounds on websites have proven to be a huge success that many businesses and companies started using. The sales of many companies have increased as video backgrounds attract visitors to their website. 

Attract users

The video background on the website will likely attract users and make them stay longer on your website. It motivates the users to look at what kind of product or services your website offers. By looking at the video, out of 100 users visiting your website, 50 users will likely purchase from your website. Apart from your regular customers, you will get new potential customers, which will increase your brand name.

How To Improve Video Backgrounds

You have to be very careful when adding video backgrounds to your website. Below are some steps to use video backgrounds properly to improve and develop web design effectively.

Use silent videos

Many people don’t like videos with audios that play automatically. It is annoying and makes users’ experience awful. The best option is to put video backgrounds without any sound. Video backgrounds automatically start playing when we load the website. If you are putting up a video background with audio, it will be useful to mute it. It will give users the option to play the video manually if they want to hear the sound.

Contrast Colours

We always want to put content or text on the top of video backgrounds. Make sure the background does not overshadow the content. The colour should be correctly contrasting so users can clearly and easily read the content of your website without the video background interfering.  

Use With A Purpose

Video backgrounds are a way to display what the business is all about and the products and services you provide. Choose video backgrounds that will show the message you are trying to convey to the viewers and actually serve a purpose on your website.

Small File Size

To keep the visitors engaged in your website, upload short videos and videos with small file sizes. A larger file size can drastically impact your website loading speed, which in turn will reduce user experience and increase your bounce rate. Try to keep the video length to 5-10 seconds long, and the video file size up to 6MB.

Websites That Offers Free Video Backgrounds 

There are many websites where you can find free video backgrounds. If you want high-quality video backgrounds with free of cost, then you can search online for royalty-free stock video footage.


The steps above will help you create attractive and captivating video backgrounds. Use it properly, and it will be an excellent design asset. Always note that different videos will have a different effect on different people. So, put up different video backgrounds and check which video works the best for visitors and the website.