SlimCare – 2021 Half-Year Review

One of the most powerful methods of connecting your brand with potential customers is using Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing. As of this year, it was reported that there are 54.8 million Facebook users within the UK. That’s a lot of people who could potentially see your brand and business. 

At Blue Whale Media, our marketing has taken on some large clients in the past six months creating social media campaigns and marketing strategies. The biggest benefit to outsourcing your social media management is the peace of mind of having one less thing to worry about. As part of the half-year review, we’re going to look at how social media can be managed to promote your business. 

What is social media management? 

Social media management is the process of managing a company or business’s online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you get someone or an agency to create, publish, and analyse the content posted on your social channels, it means you have more time to focus on your business. 

Our team at Blue Whale Media have been managing and scheduling content for the weight loss brand SlimCare Medical. This has involved creating and scheduling engaging posts that include blogs, images and videos, as well as interacting with social media users across their Instagram and Facebook profiles. 

Blue Whale Media’s Social Media Management Process 

When we take on a client for social media management and marketing, we work closely with them to learn about their business and create a bespoke plan to help drive results instantly. 

Here’s our process for a bespoke social media marketing campaign: 

  • Posts, our team can create posts for your social media channels that achieve optimal engagement, including eye-catching images and amazing videos. 
  • Creation, we use a combination of premium stock photography, custom made graphics or assets provided by each client.
  • Post Approval, we create schedules of posts in advance, so you can have ultimate control over what gets posted to your social accounts.
  • Optimal Timing, Using our expert software, we can determine the optimal time for your posts to go live, ensuring maximum engagement.

Increase Brand Exposure

One of the major factors for having someone or an agency run your social media is the increase in brand exposure and awareness. Successful social media management for businesses involves a strong and engaging presence; obviously, you want users to know more than you just exist. So with someone managing your Facebook and Instagram channels, those users know that you’re a responsive business with engaging content to share with them. A positive reputation for your business is also needed, you need someone who can quickly turn a complaint around and save a relationship between your company and customers. 

Not only social media marketing is worth it, but it is also a must in today’s world. The results you get depend on how proficient your social media management is; why not let the experts get the results for you? Get in touch with Blue Whale Media today for more information about our social media management services.