10 ways a small business can use video marketing

So with the launch of our new videography product, I thought it was about time to explain why we have decided to branch out into the amazing area of Video Marketing.

For one engagement in video is higher than any other form of marketing. Most people treat watching a video as more of a social experience. So getting a customer to engage is easier via video marketing.

But let go through what I believe are the top ten tips or benefits

Introduce yourself & your business in a digital environment

With competition increasing in every area of business, getting your businesses message across has never been more important.

Video marketing not only allows you to promote to customers without ever speaking to them directly, but it also allows you to do it to a wider audience.

It’s also easier to get your companies message across in a 90-second homepage video rather than trying to do the same in a couple of lines of text on a slider.

Real Testimonials vs text testimonials

If you do have any lovely customers that are willing to go in front of the camera for you, this is a great way to give your viewers a personal touch whilst making your business seem more credible.

People are also known to find video testimonials far more believable than a few lines of text.

Videos allow you to show your businesses culture

So if I was going to baffle you all I would use the term “Culture Content” but we aren’t in California, so let’s keep it gimmick-free. Culture content is basically where you portray to your businesses values and shows who you are as a business.

This can be little things from what you do different to your competition, to focuses externally from the business that you take part in like charity work or team building days or a dog-friendly office. It basically illustrates the underlying morals of the business.

You could create a creation story

Sounds fancy I know, but so many people want to know where your business came from, how it started and the experience you have had. A creation story video can be a great way of them learning a little about your business.

Explainer videos are huge these days

So many times we get asked to explain a product and with so many on offer, it can be hard to showcase everything. Explainer videos on services pages can be a great help in ensuring a customer get all the vital information about that product.

Vlogging is the new fad

Blue Whale has been doing more and more vlogging recently and we have noticed a vast increase in the engagement from them.

Vlogs can be a great way to address a topic in a friendly and informative manner without having to spend hours in post-production.

Expert Interviews are the way forward

Who doesn’t want to hear from the person doing the actual job? Blue Whale Media has already scheduled a full day of expert interviews for February which we can’t wait to share with you.

These videos allow you to get all the vital information you would use in your pitch, to your prospective customers in seconds.

Production videos

The phrase “value for money” seems to be thrown around more and more these days. Showing a prospective customer the whole production process can help show them how much work actually goes into their product or service. This will help them see the value in the same.

Thank your customers

As business owners, we can all get caught up in moving onto the next task. But actually, it’s been proven time and time again that thanking and engaging with existing customers can be a great way of retaining their business.

We all know there is no better lead than a referred customer.

Share your knowledge

So I’m going to admit whilst I’m amazingly creative with a Mac, crafts aren’t my strong point. I personally find videos my go-to option when trying to do anything. From making up a box (only took 30 mins to work it out) to arranging flowers for my house. I find when people show me tips on how to do stuff I’m far more likely to look through the rest of their website.

Video Marketing is the way forward

Here at Blue Whale Media, we believe that Video Marketing is the way forward for 2019. Increased engagement is always the aim and video marketing definitely ticks that box.

If you would like more information on the services Blue Whale Media can offer then give the team a call on 01925 552050.

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