How Social Media Has Affected Marketing

Over the years, marketing has become more and more primarily based online. This is largely because of the influence social media has had on what we do and how we interact online.  

A few years ago, typically businesses would have a site and possibly a Facebook page, but would mostly advertise traditionally or through their website. In recent years, thanks to the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, promoting a business has a whole new side.

But how exactly has social media changed how businesses act and advertise online?

How It Has Affected Advertising

It’s also now easier than ever for smaller businesses, who may not have the budget for traditional advertising, to get the word out about who they are, what they do, where they are, etc.

Social media has also change how companies advertise, whether they’re a small local business or a huge international chain. Viral marketing has now become a huge staple in social media marketing, especially when it comes to international chains. Social media accounts for chain companies (such as fast food chains) are even often given ‘personalities’.

For smaller businesses, utilities such as hashtags have made it easier for them to find other small businesses or customers and for customers to find them. Hashtags also make it easier for businesses to take part in things such as network hours.

How It Has Affected Interaction with Customers

Businesses are now able to interact with customers more than ever before. When customers needed help or had a complaint, they used to have to call support and wait on hold for however long, but now it just takes a simple @ on Twitter.

This also massively helps when it comes to humanising businesses and making their customers see them as approachable. If a customer has a complaint and the issues is resolved efficiently over social media instead of that customer having to make a phone call, the customer is more likely to place a lot of trust in the company and return to that business.

Companies can also set up giveaways and competitions which can further encourage customer interaction. Those who win the giveaway or competition are also encouraged to post their prizes on social media, which in turn provides free advertising for that company’s products or services.

How Analytics Have Affected Businesses  

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow companies to view their analytics, which allows them to see how well certain posts and campaigns are doing, as well as being able to see how their interactions and followers fluctuate.

This has made it easier for businesses to see what they should be posting on their social media, when they should be posting and who they should be targeting. For example, if a business has products are aimed at parents, they will be able to see when the peak times for adults with children are by viewing the fluctuation of interaction with their posts.

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