Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels today. With millions of people on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, you are very likely to find your target customers on one of the networking platforms. Major companies including Coca Cola and Honda have used innovative social media campaigns for various purposes. Social media provides an even platform for both big and small businesses. So, how do you make the most of social media to boost sales? One good way is to hire a social media company Warrington to strategise and manage the campaign.

Associate With Major National Or International Events – Top Tip From A Social Media Company Warrington

Check out the major events happening at the national or international level and associate your campaign with them to capitalise on the hype. One of the best examples of this strategy is the campaign executed by the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade. Ameritrade tied up with 2014 Winter Olympics and related personal investment with the effort athletes put in to win the Olympics. The campaign was called “It Adds Up” and included stories of prominent athletes. The results of the campaign were excellent. TD Ameritrade recoded 97 million brand impressions, 12 percent boost in social audience and 78,000 followers of the hashtag #itaddsup. An efficient social media marketing company Warrington can create a targeted campaign for you to garner such results.

Create A Contest

Everybody loves a contest. Create a social media campaign like the Project for Awesome did. The Project for Awesome is a non-profit initiative that was launched by John and Hank Green, video creators on YouTube and founders of VidCon. They launched a contest and requested people to send in videos about charities and social causes. The entries flowed in and the brothers were able to raise about $148,000 for the charity. They also came up with a 48 hour live stream on YouTube which generated more than a hundred tweets per minute during the event.

Make It Personal

The best way to connect with your target audience is to strike a chord with them. Identity the general lifestyle of your target audience and create a personalised campaign. For example, if you sell herbal food products, your customers are likely to be health conscious and adopt different measures to lead a fit life. You can encourage customers to share tips for health and fitness. Vega, the brand famous for its vegan products, tried this technique with much success.Vega asked its customers to share the different ways in which they used Vega health supplements in their daily routine. Customers sent in very interesting recipes using these supplements. It turned out to be a huge branding campaign as well. Social media is wide open to experimentation. Get creative and launch successful social media campaigns with a Social Media Company Warrington. Contact the team at Blue Whale Media today on 01925 552050!

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