Latest News In Social Media Marketing

With the world addicted to social media, it’s up to the big brands to keep up to date with the latest technology and trends. As a digital company and social media marketing experts, we’re always keeping up with the latest news from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Sometimes there can be huge changes such as new layouts or it can just be a small amendment that removes a specific feature. This year there have already been quite a few updates but let’s the latest news in social media marketing.

Facebook Ad Placement

Facebook ads are used by multiple companies and recently they have added a feature that will improve the delivery. They now have a new set of brand safety tools which will enable businesses to better control where their ads appear across Facebook’s various ad delivery network. In simple terms, it means that when you pay for your ads, they will appear more specifically amongst newsfeeds instead of next to concerning associations. This has occurred due to the incident that happened with YouTube and their ads popping up next to extremist content which was obviously a huge mistake! Hopefully, now, we will see a more appropriate ad placing.

Twitter Tweet Scheduling

Twitter has finally caught up with the other social media brands and has recently been testing out a new option which will allow you to schedule tweets straight from the platform. This feature is something that a lot of platforms are already offering but has never really been introduced properly to Twitter. They have included this straight onto the composer window which means you can compose the tweets then schedule it to a chosen time and date. This will help a lot if you use Twitter predominantly.

Snapchat AR

With other brands trying to compete with Snapchat, they need to up their game with the features they offer. A lot of attention Snapchat has had recently is due to the high spec lenses allowing people to swap genders and turn themselves into a baby. With this being popular with the audience, Snapchat has now announced that it will pay out more than $750k to augmented reality in 2020. We can’t wait to see what more they can bring!

Instagram IGTV Layout

IGTV has become a great feature to Instagram and is used by multiple businesses to promote their services/products. The latest development is said to be a new format for IGTV that will swap your main feed into a vertical scrolling list. This will allow you to go to the next video within the stream. Instagram is also planning on adding categories into the listings to help the flow of viewing. We’re waiting to see what more they can do with this platform.

Social Media Marketing For You

The social platforms are constantly changing their features and layouts but how far can they go? Whatever they do, we’ll always be here to test it out and see how it can benefit businesses for social media marketing. To reach your full potential with your online presence, visit our website to find all the help you need.

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