Social media marketing tips for every platform

Social media marketing tips for every platform

Social media is used for both new and well-established brands to grow their followings, to generate leads and increase sales. Although using social media to promote your business may seem daunting, it is actually easier than ever to connect with people and expand your connections. In this blog, we cover social media tips and tricks that you can apply that will optimise your marketing strategy.

Create a specific strategy for each platform 

You need to make sure you have a marketing plan or strategy for each platform. When planning this you will want to ensure you can answer questions like this;

  • How will using this platform benefit me?
  • Who will I reach on this platform 
  • What post types work best on this platform 
  • How are my posts unique to this platform 

Being able to answer these questions will help you to develop your strategy for that specific platform. If you are just starting out with your social media platforms, then you should prioritise quality over quantity. Usually, trying to balance 5 social media platforms for new businesses means less engagement than posting excellent content to just one platform. 

Be consistent with posting 

How consistently you post to your social media platforms should vary depending on which platform it is. For example, on Twitter and Instagram, you want to be posting multiple times a day, but with platforms like Facebook, you don’t need to be posting as urgently as the others. Although, we would still suggest posting at least once a day to build brand awareness. 

Focus your messaging 

Each post on each platform should have its own demographic, which means you need to ensure you know your audience demographics and also tailor each post to each platform. This could mean having to change your content or captions ever so slightly in order to reach out to the correct audiences. Having a focused message will help you create higher quality content that is on brand and resonates with your audience. 

Keep an eye on the latest trends 

It is important to make sure you are keeping an eye on current and upcoming trends on each social media platform. New trends come into place almost every week so if you want to stay relevant to your audience and keep them engaged then you should keep this in mind.

Measure and analyse your results 

To make sure you are getting the best results possible, you need to ensure that you are analysing your results and changing your content accordingly. Some metrics you want to look out for when looking at your results are:

  • Reach and engagement for Facebook
  • Impressions, retweets and mentions on Twitter 
  • Clicks, impressions and fractions on LinkedIn 
  • Views, likes, comments and engagements on Instagram