Why Social Media Marketing is Vital to your Business in 2017

A few years ago, social media was considered a fad to be taken advantage of while it’s trending. But in the year 2017, social media is a crucial piece of the puzzle called digital marketing. As a digital marketing agency in Manchester, we highly recommend that you make social media marketing a crucial part of your marketing strategy.


The numbers prove that social media is more than a fad.

More than 90% of marketers agree that social media has helped increase their online presence. Over 92% of marketers as part of a HubSpot study claim that social media is important to them.

Here are some reasons why social media marketing is vital to your business in the year 2017.

Know and Engage with Your Audience

Every successful business has a deep understanding of its target customers. With social media, getting to know your target audience is a lot easier.

Social media makes it easier for your business to create a personal connect with your audience. In fact, there’s no better tool than social media to create a connection and engage with your customer as well as audience.

There are a variety of data analytic tools exclusively for social media that provide an in-depth insight into the demographics of your target customers.

Armed with such analytics, and with the help of a professional digital marketing Manchester agency, you can understand a lot of patterns and demographics of your customers. This way, you can understand the needs of your audience and also create content that’s best suited for them.

Brand Recognition

Social media platforms are a great way to syndicate your content and enhance your brand visibility. You can become accessible to a lot more people while also becoming a known name in the eyes of your existing customers.

For instance, a frequent Facebook user might come to know about your business after reading a post on their news feed. Or, a usually apathetic customer may just get to know your brand better after recognising you on multiple social platforms.

Endless Opportunities to Convert

Every piece of content you share on social platforms presents a huge opportunity to convert your audiences. When you have a respectable following, you will have access to new customers, old customers as well as recent customers, and you can interact with them all.

Every blog post you write, every video you share, every comment you publish presents a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could land up a conversion for you.

Of course, not every interaction might lead to conversion, but every time you have a positive interaction, the chances of conversion go up.

Increased Traffic

Social media is crucial to your inbound traffic. Without social media, the number of people who know about your brand is limited. Consequently, the number of people looking for you is low as well. Every social media profile of yours and every piece of content you share on social media is an opportunity to bring new traffic to your site.

The higher the quality of content you share on social media, the more inbound traffic you will experience, and more traffic results in higher traffic, leads and conversions.

Reduced Marketing Expenses

According to a Hubspot study, about 84% of marketers find that 6 hours effort in a week was sufficient to improve traffic. For a platform as significant and huge as social media, 6 hours is not a big deal at all.

That means you simply have to put in 1 hour a day to develop content and syndication on social media to see effective results.

In fact, paid advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social channels is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing platforms like TV and radio. To be on the safer side, take small steps and increase your budget as you begin to see some respectable results.

Helps with SEO

SEO is a wonderful way to generate highly targeted traffic to your website. However, SEO is an evolving strategy and the requirements keep changing. SEO is no longer just about on-site ranking factors. It has a lot to do with social signals.

Google and other search engines may consider your social media presence to rank your website on the search results pages. So when you want to rank for your target keyword, a social media presence can come really handy.

Blue Whale Media Can Help

If you think social media is complicated, and you don’t have time for it, Blue Whale Media can help. We can create a custom social media marketing strategy to help achieve your social media goals. 

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