How Social Media Will Shape The World

Technology has become the heartbeat of connectivity through the use of the internet and smartphones to access the social network. Globally, billions use Social Media each day, and the figure keeps increasing. Social media has become part of our life since it is used in our private relationships, in educations, at work, and for entertainment purposes. The increasing affection for social media has and will shape most of our daily activities for the better. Here are observations and expectations for the manner in which social media is developing the world.

Social platforms will shape how we rule and ruled

Social press presently has allowed citizens to be the basis of ideas and initiatives in a transparent manner compared to the past. In a decade, we can expect leaders to practice and implement transparent governance. The reason is that it is easier for them to reach their constituents by use of online platforms.

Social media networks might be the banks in future

It means in the next decade you will be able to pay your bills or invest through your preferred social system. Social media is converting banking in substantial ways thus from enlightening customer service to permitting users to transfer funds to others through an online network. Innovative financial technology firms have deployed social media to assist clients in opening bank accounts and getting loans.

Across businesses, social platforms will develop an essential element of any business plan

Social media services are not considered. Instead in future, it will affect the tactic the whole business runs. Due to digital marketing and customer communication channels. Industries should consider social platforms in company strategic plan to minimize disruptions in the future such as those of newsroom.

Social media is shaping healthcare and community health

Social media has and will develop the health industry in the next decade has that it uses it through public health awareness or use of Skype for virtual doctor appointments. It has also aided sets of people thus, officials and patients suffering from similar illness, communicate with each other and share valuable information.

Social media in response to disasters

By use of Facebook’s Safety Check which permits operators in disaster areas to identify themselves to be safe, has become an effective way to reach to remote regions. In the future, most of us will use social platforms to donate to disaster aid globally. Digital responders can log on when newscast breaks on a natural calamity or human-generated tragedy. These in the coming decade will help fill the gap in global disaster response.

media able to help tackle challenges on human rights

The existence of activist movement such as the Arab Spring which is about holding to account people who violate human rights. Thus social media will help to pass information or videos on human rights violation has evident in Libya during Gaddafi rule which resulted in the United States has to intervene with the help of the international court.”

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