How to source great content

Original content creation will always be vital to the success of your blog/online business. Unfortunately, however, original content creation can be time-consuming and difficult to produce. Original content is king, but it isn’t vital that all of the content that you produce is 100% distinctive and one of a kind. Overlap is expected, but with proper research, you can ensure that your content will stand out for the right reasons.

Curating content is the process of searching for and finding content that already exists and dissecting it to present the best bits that are most relevant to your brand.

The ethics behind sourcing your content

It is very important to note that when you are sourcing content from other blogs and brands that you give credit where it is due. You must ensure that you name any sources of information that you use and link back/tag the original content and its creator.

Curating content is a great way to ensure that you have a regular posting schedule without the stress of creating new and individual content all of the time. Sharing other businesses ideas or concepts is acceptable, as long as you filter the content to be more streamlined and relevant to your brand and that you correctly credit your sources.

Finding the right kind of content to share

To source great and compelling content, you need to keep yourself up to date and in the loop with all current trends. If you keep your eye on social media platforms, Reddit and other online forums, you can see what your target audience is interacting with and enjoying.

Keeping your finger on the pulse of current trends and means that you can jump on a soon to be trending subject before it hits the masses and gets a headstart on the competition. In today’s fast-paced society, creating and sharing content that has already circulated and read is a futile exercise. It will waste your time, money and effort and produce very little yield. Therefore, taking the time to analyse and focus on smaller creators and fresh ideas before they gain serious traction online. Get the upper hand on the competition and share fresh and new ideas with your followers.

Ensure that you personalize your content

As we previously mentioned, it’s important that when you’re curating new content that you streamline and personalise the information to be relevant and beneficial to your brand. You can use articles or content as inspiration to create brand new articles or web copy in a completely different direction, or you can use the idea as a guide. The choice is yours, but ultimately the point stands; all content that you create must significant and suitable when it comes to your brand. Your target audience must find value in the copy that you present them.


Original ideas can seem they are few and far between, and it can feel difficult to curate new and interesting topics. However, by ensuring that you invest time and effort into online research and how your target demographic are interacting with web content, you can get ahead of the competition.

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