Melissa Content Writer

How I got started in Content Writing

As my first year anniversary as a content writer at Blue Whale Media has come and gone, now is a great time for reflecting on the progress I have made in my career. I have always been an inventive person and wanted a career that challenged my creativity. Content Writing presents exciting challenges every day, including learning about a wide range of different industries and writing blogs like this!

My background and degree

Initially, when I was 18, I studied Physiology with Pharmacology at Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan). Unfortunately, this wasn’t the right degree or the right subject for me. I left the course after one year and began my working life. 3 years later and after a string of odd jobs and inspired by a close friend, I took the plunge and applied to study English Language at local universities. I had always had a flair for language and a passion for the subject in school and felt that I was finally ready to take a step towards building a career that I would be proud of. Thankfully, I was accepted by Edge Hill University and began my undergraduate degree in 2013.

Beginning at Blue Whale Media

In December 2017 I attended my interview for Blue Whale Media. I was excited and nervous but committed to putting my best foot forward and beginning my career in content. Thankfully, I made an impression and joined the team on 3rd January 2018. As someone who struggles with self confidence, I was surprised by how quickly the team trusted my opinion and valued by work. As part of the Blue Whale team, I feel like I have flourished and grown to be a better writer.

Courses I have completed at Blue Whale Media

During my time as the content writer at Blue Whale Media I have completed many Yoast SEO and copywriting courses to help develop my skills and understanding of content writing for customers and the internet. SEO and keyword research are essential elements of writing that I have developed through working as a content writer and I feel that I am improving my skill set each month.

What has the past year as a content writer taught me?

Being a full time content writer for a year has allowed me to hone and shape my talents and passion for writing into a sharp and acute skill set. I have learnt about and researched a diverse variety of industries and professions, which my university background has helped me to do effectively for each of our clients.


As my second year as a content writer begins, I am excited to progress. Our content team has expanded to include Rachel and we are continuing to take on a variety of interesting projects that allow me to learn more about different trades and professions. I am looking forward to what 2020 will bring for our content team and I hope to be writing a new update blog in 2021!