Sam Brown taking a photo of Amy Corker and Lewis Jarvis operating a DJI drone camera on a construction site. Everyone is wearing white safety hard hats and high visibility jackets.

Starting my apprenticeship

I am very excited to say that I am starting my production assistant apprenticeship. Whilst on my apprenticeship I hope to learn more so that I can progress my skills in production. Some of the things that are involved in my apprenticeship is filming, script writing, storyboarding and editing footage. These are things that I enjoy doing and would like to continue to do for a while, and thankfully because of blue whale media I am able to do this and learn more whilst doing it. The reason I have been offered this apprenticeship is because of my work experience with the company as I have helped on filming shoots and also in the office with editing photos and videos. They have also taught me how to use different editing apps such as adobe premier pro and adobe after affects. Another thing that I learnt in my work experience time at blue whale was how to make story boards, as they help with filming. I am very grateful to blue whale media because of this and hope by starting a full time apprenticeship I can use my new skills to help the company.

What I hope to achieve

Once I have finished my apprenticeship I hope to be a more confident person in my ability to edit, talk with clients, and operate a camera. Another thing I hope I have achieved is that I am a more efficient worker and can complete tasks independently, because at the moment I do often need help to use new apps such as premier pro and after affects as I am still learning and developing my skills. I hope that when I have finished my apprenticeship I will be able to advance to higher role in which I can use my new skills for more important work and help the blue whale media team more effectively.