How To Stay On Brand – At All Times!

Staying on brand is what all companies should be doing all the time. All big companies know how to do this really well and this is why they are so recognisable in today’s world. By not staying on brand can slow down the growth of your business which isn’t ideal.

You should stay on brand to be able to win over more customers but you have to give the right reason to. People are going to remember your business if your brand is very recognisable.

Logo and Imagery

You should be using your logo consistently with everything you create and do. It doesn’t have to be the main focus it can be suttle like what we have done here for our one of our websites that have gone live which is in the bottom right corner. However, if you do ever change your logo you should then stick with that logo and not change it back to the old one so people will not think you are two different companies. You should also do this when it comes to your imagery. For example, pictures, themes, fonts and colours should all be consistent. Doing this will help you become more recognisable to the public. This is quite easy when you become familiar with your branding. website branding

Your message

Your company should have a message that is relatable and is easy to remember by people. We use “B Creative B Different” and this is in most of our branding. It is on our business cards, website, videos posters and more. What you should never do is change your message constantly, which would confuse people on what your message is and people associate your brand with. People won’t remember what your message is if you hardly use it or don’t use it at all.

Blue Whale Media branding

How do you start becoming on brand?

Starting in the office is always a good place to start when it comes to rebranding. As a business you can only succeed as a team so by everyone in the office should be following brand guidelines. This could be using the right letterheads, youing the right headshot for the website or how a blog is set out online. Once your office has got the grips of the brand then it is time to do it online. What we use are templates that have the brands colours, text and imagery which is consistent from our YouTube channel to our email designs. Doing this consistently will eventually become second nature and won’t be difficult to do.

Be consistent and have your target audience in mind

Being consistent is so important. Using your brand colours in ways that you shouldn’t be using them is an example of this. For example, we have two pop colours which are our red and gold which is never used for text. The gold is solely used for our signature golden dot and the red is a colour that we make things stand out from our other two primary colours. We use these monotone colours because they aren’t too much for the eye.