Steps to building your personal brand

A brand is something that distinguishes a company or product from its rivals. The way your customers looks and thinks of your company/product defies what a brand is. Branding helps businesses set marketing and communication methods to distinguish the brand, aiming to make a lasting impression on your customers. A brand is also helpful when trying to achieve brand loyalty as people will have a reference point to your company/product.

Business Personality

When thinking of a brand, think of it as a person. Just like a brand, a person has certain attributes and characteristic which gives that person an identity. What’s its name? how does it dress? (design) etc. This personality will change from business to business depending on the target audience the business/product is marketing towards. However, the personality of a brand might have to change during its time as a standing business. This is due to things like brand awareness increasing and maybe target market altering depending on the growth of the business.

Selling first, branding later

Small businesses tend to look at flashy advertising created by global business giants such as apple and coca cola. They tend to feel that this is the way to go about things when it matters to achieve this, the sales have to be achieved first. Brands like Apple and coca cola didn’t start off with flashy marketing campaigns. They had to create the sales first in order to grow the brand awareness. This is why one of the best forms of brand building is selling.

Creating strategies

There will always be bigger brands out there with bigger budgets than yourselves. This is why when trying to grow a brand you have to be strategic and create plans in order to work around budgets. A clever and appropriate strategy will go a long way in helping you become a successful player in your sector. When creating strategies, it is vital that it isn’t rushed and that every loop whole is explored. A whole marketing plan can fall down if one aspect isn’t right.

A brand through an entire business

With a brand, you have to make sure the brand is consistent throughout the entire company/product. For example, when selling a luxury product, everything about the brand has to be luxurious to mirror image the intent behind it all. When customers see your product/service they will explore your whole brand, not just certain aspects. This, therefore, makes it important to apply the brand throughout.

What makes a good brand?

For a brand to truly succeed it must have a competitive drive. This includes having everyone within the team behind the brand. Healthy competition is a good thing within a business. Distinctiveness is also a key factor when creating a good brand. Your brand has to be noticeable as all great brands are. Apple is well known for its high end, good looking products. This gives your customers a specific reason to keep purchasing into your service/products

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