Use the Akismet plugin to stop spam in comments on your WordPress blog.

Stop Spam on WordPress with Akismet

WordPress plugins are ideal tools that help to extend and add functionality to WordPress. Some plugins are just great in boosting a site’s functionality and make it easy to use.

Usually, the niche of a website is the deciding factor to choose a specific plugin for a site. However, some plugins are essential and necessary for a WordPress blog. For instance, you can count SEO, security, contact form, speed, etc.

Picking the quintessential plug-in for your WordPress website

The WordPress framework has numerous convenient plugins, which are efficient in decreasing your workload. There are over 55,000 free WordPress plugins according to the official plugin repository, and it continues to mount. 

There is the availability of plugins for nearly every feature you may need for your website. It is primarily a bonus for WordPress lovers.  

You will also find that there are numerous plugins for the same feature. You can easily pick a plugin that works best for your project. 

There are both free and premium plugins available for WordPress. Although most of the plugins come loose and you can later upgrade the version to premium for cutting-edge features. 

What is the Akismet (Freemium) plugin?

Akismet is one of the pre-installed plugins out of the two, which comes with every WordPress installation.

Akismet is another one of the numerous plugins developed by WordPress. With every new WordPress core installation, Akismet comes as a default plugin of WordPress. 

It has a neat function of checking comments and filtering spam comments. Thus, it works as an anti-spam plugin.

It also helps to prevent your website from broadcasting malicious content. In your admin screen under “comments” you can analyze the spam comments it stopped from posting. 

Over the years, Akismet proved to be of great help to many people by saving time, space, and energy.

Best features of Akismet

The Akismet plugin has many popular features, such as:

  • Moderators can view the number of comments approved for each user.
  • It reveals misleading and hidden links through URLs shown in the comment body.
  • It automatically reviews every comment and cleans out the ones that pose like spam.
  • Akismet takes care of the worst spam by putting it away. This way, you get more disk space, and your site works faster.
  • It maintains a status history of all the comments. You can view the comments that Akismet cleared or caught and the spammed ones. It also allows you to see the ones unspammed by the moderator. 

Why use Akismet?

Spam comments on most popular websites can go up to about 85%. It means only 15% out of the 100 comments is legitimate. 

Akismet’s ability to find spam comments and dealing with it saves you a lot of time. The task of moderating comments is time-consuming. 

It also clears up time and energy for you to concentrate on real user comments.

Detecting spammed comments

When Akismet marks your comment as spam, you will not see the notice that says Awaiting Moderator. 

In such a situation, you must contact the site administrator and have the matter checked. They can get your comment out of the spam box.