Guide for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

When it comes to having an email marketing campaign you need to know who you are going to target. This will then be beneficial for you to communicate with customers. You should already know this because as a business you should already know who your targeting. However, MailChimp lets you personalise emails that will help you to get more engagement from your audience.

When your clients are added to your email listing, they can provide their interests and buying behaviour. With MailChimp’s signup forms, you are able to customise certain fields to find out their age, gender, interests and subscription preferences. For example, you might have customers who only want emails on sales of a specific group of products.

Decigin What To Write

When it comes to creating content, you need to think about what you want to say to your audience that has an actual interest in your audience. It’s a good idea to outline some general content types that can be included in the campaigns. This will help you refer to it when designing emails.


  • Upcoming events
  • Recaps and photos from previous events
  • Popular posts from social media
  • News coverage
  • New product launches
  • Holiday shopping guides

Gathering and Creating Content

Finding the best way to keep customers engaged can be difficult but there are certain things you can do to keep them interested.

People who subscribe to your mail listing are interested in what your company does and what you provide. Treating them like VIPs is a great way to keep your customers engaged. By letting them be the first people to know when a new product or and sales are on. You can also ask the best customers to do some product surveys and reward them.

Send new information to your customers is also key. By doing this your clients won’t delete your emails immediately and not get bored with the content that you are sending to them. Keeping your emails straight forward and straightforward by also testing different variations to find the best style and content topics to send.

Designing Your Emails

Designing emails can be difficult depending on what your message is and what you want to get across. Putting your main elements at the top of the email is a great way to get your point across if the reader doesn’t have enough time to read it. So, by putting the main information first is a good idea so they can scan the email.

Making sure content is easy to read you need to make sure that you choose the right font and splitting it up into sections with a text size of 14-16px. Putting a call to action is also helpful for you and your clients.

Test The Campaigns

Sending test emails to friends and co-workers gives a second pair of eyes on your content before actually sending it to clients. This is to get feedback from other people and see what changes they would make. You can also see what other people’s ideas so you can develop them and make your email campaigns much better.

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