What topics are suitable for LinkedIn posts?

LinkedIn differs from most social media accounts as it focusses more on professional life as according to personal life. What to post on LinkedIn can be tricky sometimes as it is completely different from talking to your friends and family. It’s all about finding the interest of the people you connect with and topics that actually relate to you and the sector you work in. There are a variety of topics that are suitable for LinkedIn and will allow you to boost your profile to your audience.


LinkedIn is full of quotes and advice from people who work in a variety of sectors. This is a great post idea as it shows you support others and you are able to motivate people like you have motivated yourself or company. Try using some inspirational quotes you like and add a picture with them. This will intrigue people to view your whole profile as in some way they can relate to what you have said. In addition to this, LinkedIn is a positive place for business people so it’s always good to see some positive reinforcement.

Personal Achievements

If you have been on LinkedIn already, then you know that it is a platform to shout about how great you are, your progress and what you have achieved. Everyone in their job role achieves something, whether it’s a course you have finished, a promotion, a project you have successfully finished or even raising a lot of money for charity. Writing posts about your personal achievements will allow people to know you are always developing in your work and is just a general great way to showcase your accomplishments that you are proud of. Remember to include a picture relating to the achievement as people are more likely to read about it if they can see an image too.

Blog Posts

LinkedIn is also known for its great information sources. Almost everyone you connect with on LinkedIn will post something about a blog whether it’s written by them or a blog they have found written by someone else. Blog posts or articles are a great thing to post about. It allows you to inform other people on something that you are interested in, especially if you have written the blog yourself and are promoting a service that your company offers. That is another benefit to blog posts, you can give them advice but also promote your company and products.

Technology News

Another great topic to focus on is technology news. This is pointing towards certain sectors but there is always some technology or new trend that can relate to anyone who you connect with. For example, within Blue Whale Media’s sector, we always post about new technology, new social media trends, new drones etc to keep our connections always informed and to share the information on. In addition to this, it also makes people interested in your page as you are not just posting about yourself but topics that are relevant and can be linked to anyone.

How We Can Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Here at Blue Whale Media, we know how important LinkedIn is for individuals and companies which is why we offer LinkedIn marketing as one of our services. Our marketing experts can boost your online presence with relevant, targeted, focused and personalised posts on your LinkedIn profile. Head over to our website to find out more or call our team on 01925 552050.

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