What is Super Control and How Can It Help You?

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A Brief Introduction to Super Control

Do you work in a service based industry? Do you need a handy way for customer, guests and users of your service to book and make reservations seamlessly?

When it comes to reservation management and booking systems, there is currently one software leading the way- Super Control.

Super Control is a software package that once installed onto a website will facilitate the entire booking process, so you need not worry about taking manual bookings anymore.

Whether you have a lodge, a holiday home or any other type of bookable service- Super control can help you.

Who Can Super Control Help?

Like we said, just about anyone who takes reservations for their service. The system has the potential to and is currently reimagining the way I which businesses operate.

Amongst the many users of Super Control are Blue whale Media’s client- Wellies and Windbreaks.

Wellies and Windbreaks is a holiday home rental company based in the south of England. Super Control allows them to manage the 20 or so properties that they have with absolute ease.

It eliminates the need for over the phone bookings and automates the process of taking reservations so you will never be able to forget about a booking.

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