How synonyms and related keywords affect SEO

Gone are the days when website developers needed to repeat the same keyword over and over again for the purpose of search engine optimisation. This does not mean, however, that the use keyword to optimise search results has been replaced. They are still a very important aspect although now, they don’t need to be repeated numerous times in a single text. All this is thanks to latent semantic indexing (LSI) which is a computer program that is able to recognise synonyms and words related to the keywords. As a result, one does not need to keep repeating the same word and use of similar words is still a good option. SEO Warrington takes it upon itself to use such words to avoid a lot of repetition.

There are quite a number of advantages to using LSI keywords in a particular text. First, it breaks the monotony that comes about with the replication of a word when it is written down many times. If a certain keyword is cold drinks, then the writer can use the word cold beverages in the same text. Since Google, through the use of LSI understands that the two words are synonyms, a search on either of the two words pretty much guarantees that the website will appear on the search results. SEO Warrington is very conversant with the English language and hence makes it easier for them to come up with related words.

Another fascinating feature of the latent semantic index program is that it not only recognises synonyms, but also related words. From the example above of cold drinks, if one was to search for soda or juices, the site on cold beverages could appear among the search results. It’s because Google has been modified to know that the words are related and therefore such sites are recommended to the searcher.

Similar and related words also help in broadening the search. Before the use of latent semantic indexing, only websites that contained the particular search words would appear in the search results. As a result, there were limited and few sites where one could get information. This is however not the case anymore. Nowadays, by searching with a particular keyword, hundreds of search results appear all of which contain relevant information. This also helps the searcher to be more knowledgeable as there are numerous reading materials and information in regards to a particular topic and at SEO Warrington; we view this as an achievement on our part.

As it is a well known fact, not all the information that is posted on the internet is true and factual. Some of it could not be further from the truth. This is why having a lot of information sources is necessary because a searcher is able to compare and contrast varied data and siphon what they think and know is significant and accurate. This just goes on to prove how the use of LSI computer program to optimise search engines is very advantageous as access to quality information has been made easier and faster.

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